AS 1571:2020 Seamless tubes for air-conditioning and refrigeration

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AS 1571:2020 pdf free.Copper一Seamless tubes for air-conditioning and refrigeration.
7 Freedom from defects
The finished tube shall be clean, smooth and free from defects detrimental to its subsequent processing and end use. The internal surface shall have a clean and bright appearance.
If, after acceptance of the tube, subsequent processing reveals that it contains manufacturing defects found to be detrimental, the tube shall be deemed not to conform to this document.
NOTE Defects referred to in this Clause cannot be completely quantified. Where the presence, size or frequency of any defect is considered to be of concern, an agreement should be made between the purchaser and the manufacturer. This agreement may be achieved by acceptable type samples or methods of test.
8 Dimensions and tolerances
8.1 General
Tubes shall conform to the manufacturing tolerances specified in Clause 8.2.
The selection of the appropriate diameter and wall thickness combination for the working pressure of pipes shall conform to the design criteria specified in AS 4041.
NOTE 1 AS 4041 sets out minimum requirements for the materials, design, fabrication, testing, inspection, reports and pre-commissioning of piping subject to internal pressure and applies to pipes carrying refrigerants. NOTE 2 Appendix B shows the safe working pressure calculation and the design tensile stress at various operating temperatures for copper.
NOTE 3 A list of commonly available products is shown in Appendix C.
8.2 Manufacturing tolerances
8.2.1 Mean outside diameter
For tubes in all tempers either coiled or in straight lengths, the mean outside diameter shall not vary from the specified diameter by more than the tolerances specified in Table 2.
10 Eddy current test
An eddy current test shall be carried out on each tube in accordance with AS 2084 or ASTM E243 to
detect significant disconti nuities.
11 Grain size (applicable to 0 temper tube)
The grain size shall be determined in accordance with the procedure in AS 1733. Microscopic
examination shall show complete recrystallization. Average grain size shall not exceed 0.065 mm.
12 Cleanness
The measured residue of the internal surface of a tube (supplied with ends sealed) shall not exceed 0.038 g/m2 of the internal surface when tested by either of the following methods:
(a) When washed with trichloroethylene, or other suitable solvent, the residue after evaporation of the solvent shall not exceed the limit stated above. Testing for cleanness shall be conducted in accordance with the method described in ASTM B280.
(b) When tested in accordance with the method described in EN 723, the lubricant residue as total carbon content shall not exceed the limit stated above.
Tubes manufactured or tested with trichloroethylene, or any chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent, shall not be supplied to the market with any residual solvent present.
NOTE UV radiation from arc welding processes and/or intense heat from gas brazing processes in the vicinity of certain solvents may cause the formation of highly toxic by-products.
13 Rounding of test result values
The observed or calculated values shall be rounded to the same number of figures as in the specified values and then compared with the specified values. For example, for specified maximum or minimum values of 2.5, 2.50 and 2.500, the observed or calculated value would be rounded respectively to the nearest 0.1, 0.01 and 0.00 1, see also AS 2706.
14 Marking
Each batch of tube supplied by the manufacturer shall be legibly and durably marked or tagged with the appropriate designations in accordance with Clause 4 and with the manufacturer’s name or trademark. NOTE 1 Information may be incised or ink marked along tubes at the option of the manufacturer.
NOTE 2 Manufacturers claiming conformance to this document on a product, or packaging and promotional material related to that product, are advised to ensure that such conformance can be verified.AS 1571 pdf download.

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