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AS 2026:2003 pdf free.Laboratory glassware—Density hydrometers.
The basis of scale shall be density (mass per unit volume) in kilograms per cubic metre (kg/rn3). The use of g/crn3. for which the symbol g/mL may be used, is acceptable.
1 The term millilitre (rnL) is commonly used as a special name for cubic centimetre (cm’), in accordance with a decision of the 12th General Conference of Weights and Measures. The term millilitre, is acceptable, in general, for reference to capacities of volumetric glassware and is used in the present text.
2 If water is used for calibration, AS 2849 provides density values.
6.1 General
The reference temperature for density hydrometers excluding the special sub-series L5OSP, M5OSP and S5OSP shall be 20°C. When used in a liquid at this temperature. the hydrometers shall indicate the density of the liquid at 20°C.
6.2 Sub-series L5OSP, M5OSP and S5OSP
The reference temperature for density hydrometers of the special sub-series L5OSP. M5OSP and S5OSP shall be either 20°C or 15°C. When used in a liquid at the appropriate temperature, the hydrometer shall indicate the density of the liquid at that temperature.
The bulb and stem shall be made of clear glass which is free from stress and visible defects.
NOTE: The use of thin wall glass tubing is necessary to achieve adequate buoyancy. Solid loading material shall be fixed securely into the bottom of the bulb.
The scale and inscriptions shall be clearly and permanently marked in black on smooth white paper and shall be securely fixed in the stem.
The hydrometer shall be able to withstand a temperature of 80°C for a period of I h without exhibiting deterioration of any part.
The stem and bulb shall be circular in cross-section and symmetrical about the main axis. There shall be no abrupt changes in section that could hinder cleaning and drying or permit air bubbles to be trapped. The preferred form of hydrometer is shown in Figure 1.
The hydrometer shall float so that the stem is within 1 .5 degrees of vertical for all readings within the range of the scale.AS 2026 pdf download.

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