AS 2341.16-1994 pdf free download

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AS 2341.16-1994 pdf free download.Methods of testing bitumen and related roadmaking products – Part6:Determination of flashpoint of cutback bitumen.
I. SCOPE This Standard sets out a procedure for the determination of the closed flashpoint of cutback bitumens when the llashpoint does not exceed 110°C.
NOTE: The results obtained do not differ significantly from the minimum flashpoint of the material determined under equilibrium conditions of temperature and vapour pressure.
3 PRINCIPLE The sample is placed in the cup of an Abel flashpoint apparatus and heated at a very slow uniform rate while stirring. A small test flame is directed into the cup at regular intervals, and the flashpoint is taken as the lowest temperature at which application of the flame causes the vapour above the sample to ignite.
4 APPARATUS The following items of apparatus are required:
(a) Abel flashpoint apparatus—with a stirrer (as specified in AS 2106), but provided with means for mechanical stirring. Provision shall also he made for maintaining a good circulation in the waterbath, e.g. by means of a gentle stream of air, the air being introduced through a fine tube entering the bath through a hole bored for this purpose.
(b) Therinoineters—IP 43C (10°C to 110°C) or IP 44C (15°C to 121 °C). as specified in lP Standard thermometers.
(c) Metronome—set at 75 to 80 beats/mm, or a pendulum of 6(X) mm effective length.
(d) Barometer—reading to I mmHg (1 mmHg 0.133 kPa).
5 PREPARATION OF SAMPLE In view of the ease with which volatile matter can be lost from some cutback bitumens. take all possible precautions against excessive handling of the sample to minimize its exposure to the atmosphere. Warm the sample, if necessary, while still sealed in its original container by standing the container in warm or hot water. Shake or stir thoroughly and transfer immediately to the test apparatus. Do not heat more than is absolutely necessary, preferably not higher than 15°C below the expected flashpoint of the sample.AS 2341.16-1994 pdf free download.

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