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AS 2812-2005 pdf free.Welding, brazing and cutting of metals – Glossary of terms.
Thermal cutting using an are for melting the metal and a stream of air to remove the molten metal to enable a cut to be made
The formation of a groove by means of air-arc cutting A welding process in which an aluminothermic reaction takes place within a crucible and the resultant molten metal and aluminium oxide slag flows into a weld joint contained by a mould (see Figure 1. 1)
Thermal cutting using heat of an arc between an electrode, which may or may not be metallic, and the base metal.
Radiation welding where an optical system is used for focusing the emitted radiation from a high temperature source, such as a high pressure plasma are, on to the work.
Arc welding in which overlapping parts are joined by fusing through one component into the other and so producing a fusion spot weld at the faying surfaces.
Thermal spraying using, as a heat source, an electric arc between two consumable electrodes of a coating material, and a compressed gas, which is used to atomize and propel the material to the substrate.
Stud welding wherein the heat for the process is obtained from an arc between the stud base and the work piece. The weld may be protected either by a ferrule, flux or gas shielding. The process is usually controlled automatically.

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AS NZS 60598.2.17:2019 AS pdf free download

AS NZS 60598.2.17:2019

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