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AS 4174-1994 pdf free.Synthetic shadecloth.Let’s come to the brief introduction.
AS 4174 specifies requirements for the performance and labelling of synthetic shadecloth. including classification according to cover factor.
3 DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions below apply.
3.1 Cover factor—the percentage area of the cloth covered by the yarns and fibre of the structure determined in accordance with Appendix A.
3.2 PAR—Photosynthetically active radiation (range 400 to 700 nm).
3.3 Shadecloth—a synthetic fabric designed to prevent a proportion of sunlight or other
light from reaching the area beyond the shadecloth.
3.4 Shade factor—the percentage of normally incident UV-visible radiation in the range
290 to 770 mu not transmitted by a material, determined in accordance with Appendix B.
3.5 UVR—Ultraviolet radiation (range 290 to 400 nm).
4 CLASSIFICATION AND DESIGNATION Shadecloth shall be classified according to cover factor determined in accordance with Appendix A. and shall be designated in accordance with Table 1.
5.1 Strength
5.1.1 Knitted shadecloth Knitted shadecloth shall he tested in accordance with either Method A of AS 2001.2.4, or AS 2001.2.19, as appropriate.
When tested in accordance with Method A of AS 2001.2.4 (in a wet or dry condition) the mean bursting pressure shall be not less than 1000 kPa.
When tested in accordance with AS 2001.2.19 (in a wet or dry condition), the mean bursting force shall he not less than 400 N.
5.2 Resistance to light degradation When tested in accordance with Appendix C. the shadecloth shall have retained not less than 80% of its initial mean breaking strength. mean bursting pressure. or mean bursting force, as applicable.
5.3 UV-visible radiation transmission If required, the percentage transmission of radiation shall be measured in accordance with Appendix B, and the following attributes reported:
(a) The average percentage transmission.
(b) The shade factor.
(c) The average percentage UVR transmission.
(d) The percentage UVR block.
(e) The average percentage PAR transmission.
5.4 Solar radiation transmission If required, the solar radiation transmission of the shadecloth shall be measured according to the methods described in ASTM E424.
6.1 General The following information shall be provided on an attached ticket or other means which ensures that the information reaches the user of the roll:
(a) Manufacturer’s name or trademark.AS 4174 pdf free.

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