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AS 4649-1999 pdf free.Brake Shoe Assemblies And Disc Brake Pad Assemblies – Attachment.
AS 4649 specifies the performance requirements for attaching the brake lining material to the lining carrier of brake shoe assemblies and disc brake pad assemblies used on road vehicles. Appendix A specifies a test procedure for shear strength of disc brake pad and drum brake shoe assemblies Appendix B specifies a test procedure for resistance to water, saline solutions, oil ane brake fluid.
3 DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions below apply.
3.1 Attaching process – a method of attaching, such as bonding, riveting and integral moulding.
3.2 Brake – a system in which forces oppose the movement or the tendency to movement of a road vehicle.
3.3 Brake shoe assembly – the assembly which comes into contact with the drum during the operation of a drum brake.
3.4 Compliance – a measure of the fidelity with which the product, taken at the point of acceptance, conforms to the specified requirements.
NOTE: Throughout this Standard the term product includes goods and services.
3.7 Drum brake – a friction brake in which the frictional force is produced between the components attached to a fixed part of the vehicle and the internal or external surface of a drum.
3.8 Lining-the friction material component of a brake shoe assembly or a disc pad assembly.
3.9 Lining carrier-the component of a brake shoe assembly or a disc brake pad assembly to which the lining is attached.
3.10 Lot (Batch)-A quantity of some commodity produced under conditions which are considered uniform.
NOTE: Each lot or batch is assumed, as far as practicable, to consist of materials or items of a single type, grade, class, size, and composition, and to have been manufactured under essentially the same conditions at essentially the same time.
3.11 Resistance-the ability to resist a change in thickness or shear strength due to contamination expressed as percentage of the figures for similar uncontaminated specimens.
3.12 Road vehicle-a wheeled vehicle for use on a roadway.
3.13 Sample-one or more items taken from a batch and intended to provide information about the batch.AS 4649 pdf download.

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