AS 4852.2:2019 Portable signs

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AS 4852.2:2019 pdf free.Variable message signs Part 2: Portable signs.
2.1 General arrangement for trailer mounted signs
Signs shall be supplied as a self-contained item of plant, mounted on a trailer, and complete with a power supply system (e.g. batteries, photovoltaic panel), control equipment, and associated cables ready for immediate use in the field.
When raised in the normal operating position, the sign face shall be capable of rotation through 360 on the vertical axis with reference to the trailer orientation. Facilities shall be provided for the sign to be raised and locked in the operating position.
For type A signs only, where the sign is of fixed alignment with respect to the trailer, 360 ° rotation may be achieved through the positioning of the trailer.
With the sign raised in the normal operating position, the distance from the lower edge of the display panel to the ground immediately below shall be not less than 2 m.
When being transported, the sign shall be either turned to within 10 ° of the direction of travel or tilted face down in an approximately horizontal position. In either case, provision shall be made for the sign to be secured.
A sighting device shall be incorporated to aid alignment of the sign.
The solar power system shall provide uninterrupted continuous operation with a minimum of seven- day battery backup.
The solar panel array charge capacity shall be capable of fully maintaining operation of the sign and associated communications facilities for a continuous period of 24 h under a solar irradiation of 40 000 lx for 4 h, while simultaneously charging the reservoir battery.
The solar panel array shall be capable of being positioned and tilted to the correct angle to enable maximum collection of solar power.
The reservoir battery shall be of a type suitable to be charged and discharged continuously, as required. It shall have a useful life of not less than 12 months.
The auxiliary 240 V a.c. battery charger shall be able to charge the battery from a fully discharged state to a fully charged state in not more than 16 h.
All electrical equipment and wiring shall conform to the safety requirements of applicable Australian Standards.
4.2 Automatic shutdown and restart
Before the voltage of the power supply battery drops to a level that would prevent the battery from being recharged by the charging system, the sign’s control system shall log this event. The sign shall then be completely shut down automatically.
The sign shall automatically restart and resume operation when the battery voltage returns to its normal rated voltage.AS 4852.2 pdf download.

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