AS/NZS 1568:1998 pdf free

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AS/NZS 1568:1998 pdf free.Copper and copper alloys – Forging stock and forgings.
AS/NZS 1568 specifies requirements for copper and copper alloy wrought or cast forging stock, and forgings produced from it by the hot-forging process, intended for engineering purposes.
NOTE: Advice and recommendations on information to be supplied at the time of enquiry or order are contained in the purchasing guidelines set out in Appendix A.
3 DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this Standard. the definitions below apply.
3.1 Batch —all material of the same alloy and shape, from the same manufacturing run.
3.2 Forging—a metal shaping process that includes drop forging, hot stamping and hot- die pressing. The resultant products of these operations are termed forgings.
3.3 Forging stock—cast billets, bars or wrought rods, which may be round or some other shape and which are suitable for forging.
4.1 General The designation shall include the number of this Australian/New Zealand Standard, i.e. AS/NZS 1568, followed by a solidus (1) and the alloy designation in accordance with Clause 4.2.
4.2 Alloy designation The alloy designation shall be in accordance with the Unified Numbering System (UNS), which comprises six characters commencing with the letter C.
Example ojdesigization: AS/NZS I 568/C48600
5 TEMIER OF MATERIAL ON DELIVERY Forging stock shall be supplied in the as-manufactured condition, e.g. as hot-worked, as-cast or cold-drawn.
6.1 General The chemical composition of the copper and copper alloys shall conform to the limits specified in Table I.
NOTE: Related composition specifications are given in Appendix B.
6.2 Chemical analysis Chemical composition shall be determined on samples selecte in accordance with AS 2614 and tested by methods not less accurate than those given in AS 1515 (all parts)or BS 1748 (all parts).
NOTE: Other test methods for the chemical analysis of copper are also specified in ASTM E 53.
7.1 Forging stock
Forging stock shall be clean, smooth and free from defects that render it detrimental to its subsequent processing and end use.
7.2 Forgings
Forgings shall be sound and free from defects that render them detrimental to their subsequent processing and end use.AS/NZS 1568 pdf download.

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