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AS/NZS 2538:1995 pdf free.Vehicle support stands.Here is part of the introduction.
AS/NZS 2538 specifies requirements for the design, construction, performance and labelling of vehicle support stands.
2 REFERENCE DOCUMENTS The following documents are referred to in this
AS 1192 Electroplated coatings—Nickel and chromium
AS 1789 Electroplated coatings—Zinc on iron or steel
AS 1790 Electroplated coatings—Cadmium on iron or steel
AS 2105 Inorganic zinc silicate paint.
3 DEFINITIONS For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions below apply.
3.1 Vehicle support stand—a device of fixed or adjustable height onto which an appropriate part, e.g. axle or chassis, of a raised vehicle is lowered and supported for the purpose of maintenance or storage of the vehicle. Where the device is of adjustable height. the height is not intended to be varied when the device is loaded.
NOTE: Vehicle support stands may be of either fixed height or adjustable height. Some typical vehicle support stands are illustrated in Figure 1.
3.2 Vehicle—a passenger car, passenger car derivative or multipurpose passenger car as defined by the Australian Design Rules or the New Zealand Vehicle Standard Regulations.
a goods-carrying vehicle or a towed unit such as a caravan or a trailer.
3.3 Nominated capacity—the capacity nominated by the manufacturer as the maximum load that is to he supported by a single vehicle support stand.
NOTE: The nominated capacity must be marked on the stand (see Clause 8(b)).
3.4 Base plane—the plane of contact between the base of the vehicle support stand and the surface upon which it rests.
3.5 Projected plan area of the base—the maximum area in the base plane described by
joining up the points of contact of the vehicle support stand with the base plane. (See
Figure 2.)
4.1 Materials Materials and assemblies thereof used in the manufacture of vehicle support
stands shall not have been subject to stresses or strains that would result in failure and shall be free from blow holes, hard spots, shrinkage defects. cracks or other defects which would adversely affect the strength of the material.
NOTE: The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that materials used in the construction of vehicle support stands are new or have not previously been used in an application where the materials have been stressed to the point that would result in fatigue failure with subsequent use.
4.2 Capacity The minimum nominated capacity of a vehicle support stand shall be not less than 750 kg.
4.3 Stability factor When determined by the method described in Appendix A, the
stability factor shall be not less than 7.0.
4.4 Engagement head The engagement head of a vehicle support stand shall—
(a) have a projected plan area of at least 3000 mm2 and
(b) be capable of retaining a cylindrical bar of 100 mm nominal diameter when the head cap is inclined at 5° to the horizontal.
NOTE: This is intended to provide a test of the shape of the head cap and its ability to retain a 100 mm diameter axle housing.AS/NZS 2538 pdf download.

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