AS NZS IEC 60903:2020 pdf free Live working – Electrical insulating gloves

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AS NZS IEC 60903:2020 pdf free.Live working – Electrical insulating gloves.
The difference in length for contour-cuff gloves shall be measured with the glove in the relaxed position, along a line parallel to the length dimension, as shown in Figure 1.
The circumference of the hand shall be measured with a measuring tape, 20 mm from the crotch between the thumb and index finger.
5.2.4 Thickness
On a single glove, thickness measurements shall be made as follows:
— at four or more points on the palm of the glove;
— at four or more points on the back of the glove but not on the cuff;
— at one or more points on the thumb and on the index finger in the “finger print” area.
Such points shall be distributed over the surface and not concentrated. They shall not be distributed on parts of the surface especially designed to improve the grip.
Measurements shall be made with a micrometer. The micrometer shall be graduated to within
0,02 mm and have an anvil of about 6 mm in diameter and a flat presser foot
3,17 mm ± 0,25 mm in diameter. The presser foot shall exert a total force of 0,83 N ± 0,03 N.
Sufficient support shall be given to the glove so that it presents an unstressed, flat surface
between the anvil faces of the micrometer.
5.2.5 Workmanship and finish
The workmanship and finish shall be verified by visual inspection and, when found necessary, by dimensional inspection. The test shall be considered as passed if the requirements of 4.3.4 are satisfied.
5.3 Marking
5.3.1 Visual and dimensional inspection
Compliance with the requirements of 4.6 shall be verified by visual and dimensional
5.3.2 Durability of marking
The durability of marking shall be checked by rubbing the marking for 15 s with a piece of lint- free cloth soaked in soapy water and then rubbing it for a further 15 s with a piece of lint-free cloth soaked in isopropanol (CH3-CH(OH)-CH3).
It is the employer’s duty to ensure that any relevant legislation and any specific safety instructions regarding the use of isopropanol are fully observed.
The test shall be considered as passed if the items of marking remain legible and the letters do not smear.
Marking produced by an engraving or moulding process shall be deemed to comply without a test for durability.AS NZS IEC 60903 pdf download.

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