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ASTM B989-19 pdf free.High Fluidity (HF) Zinc-Aluminum Alloy in Ingot Form for Thin Wall Die Castings.
3. Terminology
3.1 Terms shall be defined in accordance with Terminology B899.
3.2 Definitions of Terms Specific to This Standard:
3.2.1 die casting, n—a casting process in which molten metal is injected under high velocity and pressure into a metal die and solidified, also a product produced by such a process; alternately known as pressure die casting.
3.2.2 high fluidity alloy, n—a zinc alloy by nature of its composition is capable of producing die castings with thinner wall sections compared to typical die cast alloys; often less than 0.012 in. (0.30 mm) in thickncss.
3.2.3 thin wall die casting, n—a die casting with wall sections that can be less than 0.0 12 in. (0.30 mm) in thickness.
7. Methods for Chemical Analysis
7.1 The determination of chemical composition shall be made in accordance with Specification B949.
7.2 In case of dispute, the results secured by an approved method (or combination of approved methods), or by a method agreed upon by both parties, shall be the basis of acceptance.
7.2.1 Approved methods include: Test Methods E536, ISO 3815-1, or ISO 3815-2. Test Methods E536 is generally applicable, but must be slightly modified to cover the higher Al range. ISO 3815- -1 and ISO 3815- -2 are generic methods applied to zinc and zinc alloys. Each of the methods may be modified and formatted for the alloy to be assayed. An experienced chemist, using suitable and/or traceable standards along with valid quality assurance techniques, will be able to perform and validate the methods and demonstrate acceptable precision and accuracy.
7.3 For purposes of determining compliance with specified composition limits as given in Table 1, an observed or calculated value shall be rounded to the nearest unit in the last right-hand place of figures shown in Table 1, in accordance with the rounding method of Practice E29.ASTM B989 pdf download.

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