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BS EN ISO 9455-3:2020 pdf free.Soft soldering fluxes – Test methods.Determination of acid value, potentiometric and visual titration methods.
BS EN ISO 9455-3 A prepared, weighed sample of the flux is dissolved in a suitable solvent. The resulting solution is titrated with standard tetrabutyl ammonium hydroxide solution, using a glass electrode, the pH or mV readings being recorded simultaneously. From the graph of volume of titrant against pH or mV readings,the point of inflexion is determined, from which the acid value is calculated.As fluxes of classes 1131 and 1231 (see ISO 9454-1) can lose some acidity during the determination of non-volatile matter, the non-volatile matter obtained from carrying out the procedure of ISO 9455-1 or ISO 9455-2 on these classes of flux should not be used for this determination.By preliminary experiments, determine whether the sample is soluble in propan-2-ol, anhydrous ethanol, toluene or the ethanol/toluene mixture. If it is not completely soluble in any of these solvents,select the one in which it appears to be the most soluble. If it is equally soluble in all four solvents, then use propan-2-ol.Carry out the following procedure, in triplicate, on the flux example.Weigh, to the nearest 0,001 g, approximately 0,5 g of the solid flux sample, or 2,0 g of the liquid flux sample taking steps to prevent loss of volatile matter during the weighing. Transfer the weighed sample to a 250 ml low form beaker.Add 100 ml propan-2-ol (4.2.2) or the selected solvent (4.2.3 to 4.2.5), according to the solubility characteristics of the flux. Cover with a watch glass and dissolve the flux by gentle agitation. Place the beaker on the stand of the titration assembly with the electrodes, stirrer and burette in position. Adjust the speed of the stirrer to give vigorous stirring without splashing. Titrate with the tetrabutyl ammonium hydroxide solution (4.2.1) adding 1 ml portions and recording the pH, or mV meter readings after each addition. As the endpoint is approached, reduce the additions of titrant to 0,1 ml and continue titrating past the endpoint.BS EN ISO 9455-3 pdf downlaod.

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