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BS ISO 10878:2013 pdf free.Non-destructive testing — Infrared thermography — Vocabulary.
ISO 10878:2013 defines terms used in infrared thermography for non-destructive testing and forms a common basis for standard general use.
This International Standard is a compilation of terms and definitions to provide a precise understanding or interpretation of infrared thermography and thermal /infrared non-destructive testing. These serve to secure the foundation of infrared thermography technology growth within the academic and industrial communities.
1.2 active thermography
nfrared thermographic examination of materials and objects which requires additional thermal stimulation.
NOTE The thermal stimulation can be optical, sonic(ultrasonic) inductive, microwave or use any other form of energy.
ambient operating range
range of ambient temperatures over which an instrument is designed to operate within reported performance specifications.
ambient temperature
temperature of the air in the vicinity of a test object(target)。
NOTE Ambient temperature “is not to be confused with” refected ambient temperature, which is a term often used to mean”reflected apparent temperature.
ambient temperature compensation
correction built into infrared instruments to provide automatic compensation of temperature readings affected by the ambient temperature.
angular subterise
angular diameter of an optical system or subsystem
NOTE I Angular subtense is expressed in angular degrees or miIlradians.
NOTE 2 In infrared thermography, the angle over which a sensing instrument collects radiant energy.
anomalous thermal image
observed thermal pattern of a structure that is not in accordance with the expected (reference) thermal pattern
irregularity or abnormality in a system
EXAMPLE An irregularity, such as an anomalous thermal pattern or any indication that deviates from what is normally expected in the absence of any anomaly.
anti-reflectance coating
coating of infrared optical elements (lenses, windows) used to increase the sensitivity of a specified wavelength range through minimization or suppression of reflections causing signal loss
apparent temperature
uncompensated reading from an infrared thermography camera containing all radiation incident on the detector, regardless of its source

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