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BS ISO 13276:2020 pdf free.Tobacco and tobacco products – Determination of nicotine purity – – Gravimetric method using tungstosilicic acid.
BS ISO 13276 A suitable amount of replicates should be measured. Weigh, to the nearest 0,000 1 g。approximately 0,1 g of the nicotine alkaloid (or the equivalent amount of nicotine salt) (m) in each of, for example, five 250 ml beakers (6.2) equipped with glass stirring rods (6.4). Add 100 ml of water to each beaker. Add 2 ml of 20 % hydrochloric acid solution (5.2) to each beaker and stir. Do not remove the stirring rod. Add slowly 15 ml of the tungstosilicic acid solution (5.1) while stirring constantly during the addition.
Cover each beaker with a watch glass (6.3), leaving the stirring rod in place, and allow to stand overnight. Before filtering, stir the precipitate to ensure that it settles quickly and is of a crystalline form. Check for complete precipitation with a few extra drops of the tungstosilicic acid solution. Dry each glass filter crucible (6.6.1) in the oven (6.6.4) at (120土5) °C to constant mass (+1 mg). Store in
the desiccator (6.5]. Weigh, to the nearest 0,000 1 g, each glass crucible (6.6.1) (m,) and filter the precipitate directly into the glass filter using the Buchner flask (6.6.2) and vacuum source (6.6.3). Ensure that the precipitate is removed from the sides of the beaker and the glass stirring rod by washing into the filter with hydrochloric acid solution (5.3) approximately three times using 15 ml each. Discard the washings. Rinse with a further aliquot portion of hydrochloric acid solution (5.3) (up to 400 ml may be required)
which should be collected and tested with a few drops of nicotine solution (5.4] to ensure that no opalescence occurs, i.e. all tungtosilicic acid has been removed. Dry each glass crucible and precipitate in the oven (6.6.4) for 3 hat (120主5) °C. Allow to cool in the  desiccator and weigh to the nearest 0,000 1 g (m2). Place the filters back in the oven for 1 h, allow to cool and reweigh. Repeat, if necessary. until a constant mass (+1 mg) is obtained. BS ISO 13276 pdf download.

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