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BS ISO 4097:2020 pdf free.Rubber, ethylene-propylene-diene (EPDM)一Evaluation procedure.
BS ISO 4097 This document specifies: 一the physical and chemical tests on raw rubbers; the standard materials, standard test formulations, equipment, and processing methods for
evaluating the vulcanization characteristics of ethylene-propylene-diene rubbers (EPDM), including oil-extended types.The mixing technique in each method can be modified to achieve a good dispersion of all the ingredients. The LIM conditions shall be the same during the preparation of a series of identical mixes for each batch mixed. At the beginning of each series of test mixes, a machine-conditioning batch shall be mixed using the same formulation as the mixes under test. The LIM shall be allowed to cool down to 60 °C between the end of one test batch and the start of the next. Temperature control condition shall not be altered during the mixing of a series of test.The final temperature of the batch discharged after mixing shall not exceed 120 °C. If necessary, adjust the batch mass, head temperature, or rotors speed, so that this condition is met. Compounding materials other than rubber, carbon black, and oil can be added to LIM batches more precisely and with greater ease if they are previously blended together in the proportions required by the formulation. Such blends can be made using a mortar and pestle, by mixing for 10 min in a biconical blender with intensifier bar turning, or by mixing in a blender for five 3 s-periods and scraping the inside of the blender to dislodge materials stuck to the sides after each 3 s-mix. A Waring1) blender has been found suitable for this method.Vulcanize sheets at 160 °C for three periods chosen from a cure series of 10 min, 20 min, 30 min,
40 min, and 50 min. The middle vulcanization time shall be chosen from the above list to be nearest to t'(90]. The three periods of cure shall be chosen to cover undercure, optimum cure, and overcure of the material under test.Condition the vulcanized sheets for 16 h to 96 h at a standard temperature, and if possible a standard humidity, defined in ISO 23529.Measure the stress-strain properties in accordance with ISO 37.BS ISO 4097 pdf download.

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