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BS ISO 7078:2020 pdf free.Buildings and civil engineering works一Procedures for setting out, measurement and surveying一Vocabulary.
BS ISO 7078 quantity value provided by a measuring instrument (3.1.7) or a measuring system (3.1.19) Note 1 to entry: An indication may be presented in visual or acoustic form or may be transferred to another device. An indication is often given by the position of a pointer on the display for analogue outputs, a displayed or printed number for digital outputs, a code pattern for code outputs, or an assigned quantity value for material measures.Note 2 to entry: An indication and a corresponding value of the quantity being measured are not necessarily
values of quantities of the same kind.set of quantity values being attributed to a measurand (3.1.6) together with other available relevant information Note 1 to entry: A measurement result generally contains “relevant information” about the set of quantity values,such that some may be more representative of the measurand than others. This may be expressed in the form of
a probability density function (PDF).Note 2 to entry: A measurement result is generally expressed as a single measured quantity value and a measurement of uncertainty. If the measurement uncertainty is considered negligible for some purpose, the measurement result may be expressed as a single measured quantity value. In many fields, this is the common way of expressing a measurement result.two-dimensional or three-dimensional reference system for defining the location points on a surface or in space by means of distances (rectangular/Cartesian co-ordinates) or angles (angles co-ordinates) or both (polar co-ordinates), with relation to designated angles or planes Note 1 to entry: In land surveying, the x-axis may be in the direction of astronomic (true) north, magnetic north,for example grid north, with the y-axis towards east. The z-axis points approximately upwards (towards the zenith). In some countries, the x- and y- axes are reversed whilst in others E, N and H are used to refer to “East”,”North” and “Height”.Note 2 to entry: In building surveying, a local orthogonal system is often set up with the reference axes parallel to the building axes or chosen at the convenience of the surveyor.BS ISO 7078 pdf download.

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