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DIN EN 30-2-2:2017 pdf download.Domestic cooking appliances burning gas – Part 2-2: Rational use of energy – Appliances having forced-convection ovens and/for grills.
3 Terms and Definitions
For the purpose of this standard, the definitions given in Clause 3 of EN 30-1-2:20 12 and in EN 30-2-1:20 15 are applicable.
4 Performance requirements
4.1 Efficiency
4.1 of EN 30-2-1:2015 applies.
4.2 Maintenance consumption of the oven If an appliance has a conventional oven, 4.2 of EN 30-2-1:20 15 applies for this oven. For dual purpose ovens, the requirements of 4.2 of EN 30-2-1:2015 apply when the fan is not in operation. When a forced convention oven operates with the convection fan in operation, particular requirements hereafter apply. Under the test conditions specified in 5.3 of this standard, the maintenance consumption of the oven shall not exceed the value obtained using the formula: CeO,93+O,O3SV where: v is the useful volume of the oven, expressed in cubic decimetres, defined in 6.1 of EN 15181:2017
5 Test methods
5.1 General
5.1.1 Burner supply
5.1.1 of EN 30-2-1:2015 applies with the following additions. For forced convection ovens, the burner is supplied according to the appliance category with one of the reference gases indicated in of EN 30-1-2:20 12, or the actual gas distributed complying with the requirements of of EN 30-1-2:2012. The burner is adjusted, within ± 2 % of its nominal heat input in accordance with 7.1.3 of EN 30-1-2:20 12.
5.1.2 Test conditions 5.1.2 of EN 30-2-1:2015 applies.
5.1.3 Test pans 5.1.3 of EN 30-2-1:2015 applies.
5.2 Efficiencies 5.2 of EN 30-2-1:2015 applies.
5.3 Maintenance consumption of the oven 5.3 of EN 30-2-1:20 15 applies with the following additions.
When a forced convection oven operates with the convection fan in operation, the test conditions are as follows:  With the oven empty, the burner control device is adjusted so that, under steady-state conditions, the mean temperature rise measured at the geometric centre of the oven as defined in 7.1 of EN 15181:2017 is 155 K or the maximum attainable if it is not possible to achieve a temperature rise of 155 K. The corresponding gas consumption is measured and it is verified that the requirements of 4.2 of this standard are met.DIN EN 30-2-2 pdf download.

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