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DIN EN 62875:2015 pdf free.Multimedia systems and equipment – Multimedia e-publishing and e-book technologies – Printing specification of texture map for auditory presentation of printed texts.
3 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 texture map two dimensional cell patterns which include alignment lines and a data matrix [SOURCE: IEC 62665, 2.1, modified – Definition has been clarified.]
3.2 data matrix two dimensional cell patterns generated from text data compression and error correction encoding
3.3 cell minimum square dot which constitutes a data matrix
3.4 alignment line border line which encloses a texture map Note 1 to entry: An alignment line consists of solid lines and tick marks. The solid lines have a cell’s width and may parially be interrupted. Note 2 to entry: For additional information on alignment lines, see IEC 62665.
3.5 tick mark positioning mark which intersects perpendicularly with the solid lines and is given at equal intervals on the solid lines of an alignment line Note 1 to entry: A tick mark indicates the unit boundary and has a ell’s width.
3.6 quiet zone non-printing area outside of a texture map
3.7 unit square area which consists of 11 x 11 cells in a texture map
4 Printing specification
4.1 General Texture maps generated by a system are specified by IEC 62665 and a printing quality of the texture maps has to be standardized to ensure interoperability of the printed texture maps. Texture maps should be printed on paper with a resolution of 2600 dpi (dots per inch, ≥23,622 dot/mm). In order to minimize specular reflection, a mat coated paper or a low reflection paper should be used.
4.2 Size of a texture map Four sizes of a texture map are specified by IEC 62665 and they have their dimensions shown in Table 1.
4.3 Printing quality of a texture map
4.3.1 Printing quality Printing quality of a texture map is defined by the average Q of values of the following quality measures and indicated with the symbol A, B, C, D or F, as shown in Table 2. The following aspects define the printing quality: a) print contrast; b) symmetry of cell pattern; c) squareness; d) size accuracy, e) tick mark identification; f) quiet zone sufficiency; g) uselessness of error correction, and h) decodability. DIN EN 62875 pdf download.

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