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ISO 4957-2018 pdf free.Tool steels.Now you can download ISO 4957 pdf.
This document specifies requirements for the following grades of wrought tool steels:
a) non-alloy cold-work tool steels;
b) alloy cold-work tool steels;
c) alloy hot-work tool steels;
d) high-speed tool steels.
If not stated otherwise, this document applies to all types of hot-rolled, forged, cold-drawn or cold-rolled products or products produced by powder metallurgy, which are supplied in one of the surface and heat-treatment conditions given in 6.2 and Table 1.
4 Classification and designation
4.1 Classification
The classification of the relevant steel grades shall be in accordance with IS0 4948-1.
4. 2 Designation
For the steel grades covered by this document, the steel names, as given in the relevant tables, shall be allocated in accordance with ISO/TS 4949
For information on designation of comparable steels, see Annex C.
5 Information to be supplied by the purchaser
5.1 Mandatory information
The manufacturer shall obtain the following information from the purchaser at the time of enquiry and order:
a)the quantity to be delivered;
the product form (e.g. round bar)
c) either the dimensional standard and the dimensions and tolerances selected from it (see 7.4)or any
other document covering the dimensions and tolerances required for the product
d) the reference to this document, i.e.IS0 4957
e) the designation of the steel type (see Tables 2, 4, 6 and 8),
f) the symbol for the heat-treatment condition on delivery (see Table 1) and, if the products are to be delivered in the quenched and tempered condition, the hardness values required;
g)the type of inspection document in accordance with ISO 10474.
5.2 Options
A number of options are specified in this document and listed below. If the purchaser does not indicate the wish to implement any of these options, the products shall be supplied in accordance with the basic specifications of this document (see 5.1).
a) if a surface condition other than”hot worked ” or a special surface quality is required, the surface condition (see 6, 2,3)and the surface quality (see 7.3).
b) any supplementary requirement that shall be complied with, the symbol and, where necessary, the details of this supplementary requirement (in accordance with Annex B).
5.3 Ordering example
EXAMPLE 2 t hot-rolled round bars in accordance with IS0 1035-1: with a nominal diameter of 30.0 mm: with a nominal length of 4 000 mm; with a tolerance on diameter of +0, 30 mm(class S of ISO 1035-4: 1982); with a tolerance on length of +10 mm (class L2 of ISO 1035-4: 1982); all other tolerances as given in ISO 1035-4 for normal cases, surface as hot worked made of steel grade in accordance with this document, type X153CrMoV12 (see Table 4); heat-treatment condition: annealed (soft annealed)(symbol +A, see Table 1); with an inspection certificate 3.1 (see ISO 10474)

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