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ISO 6721-6:2019 pdf free.Plastics — Determination of dynamic mechanical properties — Part 6: Shear vibration — Non-resonance method.
ISO 6721-6 describes a forced, non-resonance method for determining the components of the shear complex modulus G* of polymers at frequencies typically in the range 0,01 Hz to 100 Hz. Higher-frequency measurements can be made, but significant errors in the dynamic properties measured are likely to result (see 10.2.2 and 10.2.3). The method is suitable for measuring dynamic storage moduli in the range 0,1 MPa to 50 MPa.
4 Principle
A test-specimen assembly is subjected to a sinusoidal shear force or deformation at a frequency significantly below the fundamental shear resonance frequency (see 1022). The amplitudes of the force and displacement cycles applied to the test-specimen assembly and the phase angle between these cycles are measured. The storage and loss components of the shear complex modulus and the loss factor are calculated using formulae given in Clause 10.
6.2 Shape and dimensions
Various shear test specimen assemblies can be used. A suitable design is shown in Figure 2. Here the metal end-pieces P are cylindrical, but any cross-sectional shape is suitable as long as the end-pieces can be clamped rigidly in the shear load stage. The dimensions of the end-pieces and the polymer specimens S shall be chosen such that the deformation of the end-pieces under an applied load is negligible in comparison with that of the specimens. For a polymer whose shear modulus is less than 100 MPa, this will mean that the thickness of the end-pieces may be comparable with the thickness L of the specimens.
The cross-sectional shape of the polymer specimens in the plane of their bonded faces is not critical, although a rectangular section is recommended in order to simplify the application of a term representing the contribution to the specimen deformation from bending.
The specimens are typically cut from a sheet of the polymer and bonded to the end-pieces to construct the shear test-specimen assembly. The dimensions of each polymer specimen shall not vary by more than 3 % of the mean value. This dimension shall be sufficiently large to allow adequate accuracy to be achieved in the determination of dynamic strain and hence dynamic moduli. In addition, it is recommended that the dimension h of the polymer in the direction of the applied load should be greater than 4L in order to make the correction for bending negligible.ISO 6721-6 pdf download.

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