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ISO 9150:1988 pdf free.Protective Clothing – Determination Of Behaviour Of Materials On Impact Of Small Splashes Of Molten Metal.
Clothing designed to protect the wearer against small splashes of molten metal is often submitted to high thermal loads. This International Standard forms a part of a series concerned with clothing designed to protect against heat and fire.
The diversity of the conditions In which splashes of molten metal may come into contact with materials used for protective clothing makes it difficult to evaluate the hazards that may arise under conditions of use.
Experience has shown that the most Important protective function is resistance to heat transfer, through the protective clothing, from molten metal drops which impinge on but bounce off the clothing surface.
The test method described In this International Standard allows this heat transfer to be assessed.
This international Standard specifies a test method designed to evaluate the behaviour of materials used for protective clothing when such materials are struck by small liquid metal splashes, especially when molten steel particles are projected against the material.
It applies to any pliable material, or assembly of materials, designed to protoct workers against small splashes of molten metal.
The results obtained by this method enable the behaviour of different materials which have undergone this test under standardized conditions to be compared. They do not permit conclusions with respect to contacts with large splashes of molten cast iron or other molten metal to be drawn, neither will they allow the behaviour of complete garments under Industrial conditions to be predicted.
2 References
ISO 139, Standard atmospheres for condftionlng and testing.
NF C 42330, Electrical measuring instruments — Platinum resistance temperature sensors — Reference table and tolerance.
3 Definition and symbols
For the purposes of this International Standard, the following definition and symbols apply.
3.1 drop; A quantity of molten metal produced from the fusion of a metal rod by a welding torch, falling under the simultaneous action of its own weight and of the air movement produced by the welding torch.ISO 9150:1988 pdf free download.

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