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AS ISO 9244:2020 pdf free.Earth-moving machinery一Machine safety labels一General principles.
4.6 Hazard severity panel
4.6.1 The hazard severity panel consists of a general warning sign followed by one of three signal words, as shown in Figure 4 (for colours, see 5.2).
4.6.2 The three signal words are DANGER, WARNING and CAUTION. Each alerts the viewer to the existence and relative seriousness of a hazard. They are reserved for personal injury hazards. The signal word DANGER shall be used sparingly and only for those situations presenting the most serious hazards. Hazards identified by WARNING present a lesser degree of risk of injury or death than those identified by DANGER.
4.7 Pictorials
4.7.1 Hazard description pictorials
A hazard description pictorial clearly identifies the hazard and portrays the potential consequences of
a failure to follow instructions. On machine safety labels without a signal word, the hazard description
pictorial shall be in the safety sign panel. See Annex A for examples of suitable hazard description
pictorials. Alternative hazard description pictorials, if used, should conform to the objectives and
principles as stated in this international Standard.
4.7.2 Hazard avoidance pictorials
A hazard avoidance pictorial clearly identifies the actions necessary to avoid interaction of persons with the hazard. A hazard avoidance pictorial may be used to supplement or to replace a text message in the supplementary safety information panel. See Annex B for examples of suitable hazard avoidance pictorials. Alternative hazard avoidance pictorials, if used, should conform to the objectives and principles as stated in this International Standard.
4.7.3 General prohibition sign Prohibition of an activity shall be indicated using the general prohibition sign (functional reference POOl according to ISO 7010), shown in Figure 5. See Annex D for further information. Hazard avoidance pictorials often communicate the concept of a specific prohibited action, or that a person’s presence in a specified location can be hazardous. A black graphical symbol or hazard pictorial inside a red circular band with a red diagonal bar defines a safety sign that indicates that an action shall not be taken or shall be stopped. Some examples of the general prohibition sign used with pictorials are shown in Annex C.AS ISO 9244 pdf download.

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