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ISO/TR 24679-2:2017 pdf free.Fire safety engineering — Performance of structure in fire — Part 2: Example of an airport terminal.
ISO/TR 24672-2:2017 provides a fire engineering application relative to fire resistance assessment of an airport terminal structure according to the methodology given in ISO 24679‑1. It follows step by step the procedure given by ISO 24679‑1. Some requirements relative to Chinese building regulation are taken into account concerning the fire scenarios.
The fire safety engineering applied to an airport terminal takes into account the real fire data based in fire tests. It is important to note that the intervention of fire service brigade dedicated to this airport, located approximately 1 km away, has been taken into account in definition of fire scenarios. For the fire modelling, both fire extinguishing system and the smoke extraction are not considered but the fire fighter intervention has been taken into account 10 min after the starting of fire.
ISO/TR 24679-2 is an example of the application of ISO 24679-1. It preserves the numbering of subclauses in Iso 24679-1 and so omits numbered subclauses for which there is no text or information for this example. Therefore, the following two points should be kept in mind.
a) ISO/TR 24679-2 is not intended to provide uniform technical provisions for the user, but rather demonstrate how ISO 24679-1 is applied in compliance with the related standards of China.
b) Fire service intervention has been considered when defining the maximum heat release rate of the design fire in this case because the fire brigade is dedicated and is approximately 1 km away from the airport terminal. It is completely legal in China to consider the fire service intervention, which may not be the case in other countries. Therefore, when taking any reference from this document, attention should be paid to the requirements of the related national standards.
It should be noted that this example does not follow every step described in ISO 24679-1, but rather follows its principles as applicable to the building regulatory in China.
5.5 Step 5: Thermal response of the structure
5.5.1 Smoke temperature from FDS simulation
It can be seen from Table 7 that the design fire scenarios of AOO, BOO and COO are the worst cases. In these three cases, both sprinkler system and smoke extraction system fail to activate in case of fire. After FDS simulation of the design fire scenarios, time-temperature curves of smoke near steel roof elements are obtained for AOO, BOO and COO as shown in Figure 12.
AOO refers to the fire origin located at the waiting area of the second floor (fire origin A), BOO refers to the fire origin located at the shops in the middle of the second floor (fire origin B) and COO refers to the fire origin located at the shops at south part of the second floor (fire origin C). Figure 12 shows the gas temperature curves obtained from FDS calculation, which have some variations, and will be used to analyse the temperature profile of steel structures.ISO/TR 24679-2 pdf download.

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