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1.13 CONSTANT-PRESSURE-COMPENSATING INDEX. An index used in conjunction with a gas meter operated at a constant pressure, other than the contract base pressure, to indicate gas volume corrected to a contract base pressure. 1.14 CUBICFOOT, METERED. The quantity of gas that occupies 1 cubic foo when under pressure and temperature conditions existing in the meter. 1.15 CUBIC FOOT, STANDARD. (See ANSI Z132.) That quantity of gas that under an absolute pressure of 14.73 psi (101.56 kPa) and at a temperature of 60°F (15.6°C) occupies a volume of 1 cubic fool. 1.16 CUBIC METER, STANDARD. That quantity of gas that under an absolute pressure of 101.56 kPa (14.73 lbfin) and a temperature of 288.7°K (519.7°R) occupies a volume of 1 cubic meter. 1.17 FLOW RATE, PILOT. A minimum flow rate that a meter is required to register with a prescribed accuracy. 1.18 HUBS, METER. Sarme as 1.12, CONNECTIONS, METER. 1.19 INDEX, CONSTANT PRESSURE COMPENSATING. Same as 1.13. CONSTANT-PRESSURE- COMPENSATING INDEX. 1.20 INDEX, METER. The mechanism that displays the volume of gas that has passed through the meter. 1.21 INDEX RATE. The uncorrected flow rate calculated by dividing the registration by time. 1.22 INDEX, TEMPERATURE COMPENSATING. A meter index used to display corrected volume under flowing gas conditions to a base temperature, commonly 60°F (15.6°C). 1.23 INDEX TEST DIAL. See 1.11, CIRCLE(S), TEST. 1.24 INDICATOR, DEMAND. A device that indicates on a scale, chart or tape the maximum volume metered during a predetermined period of time. 1.25 INDICATOR, VOLUME. A component of an auxiliary device designed to indicate on a scale or chart or both the volume of gas passing through a meter in relation to time, temperature, pressure or any combination thereof..
1.44 PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL. The difference in pressure between two points in a flowing gas system. 1.45 PRESSURE DROP. The loss in pressure between two points in a fuid flow system. 1.46 PRESSURE, GAUGE. Measured pressure relative to atmospheric pressure taken as zero. Common abbreviation psig; symbol lbfin2 (gauge). 1.47 PRESSURE, METER. The pressure in a meter under operating conditions. 1.48 PROVER. Device for measuring the accuracy of gas meter registration. 1.49 PROVER, BELL. A calibrated cylindrical bell in which a quantity of air is collected over an oil seal.ANSI B109.3 pdf download.

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ANSI CSA NGV2a-2001 pdf free.BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS VEHICLE (NGV) FUEL CONTAINERS. Accredited Registrar. A qualified organization accredited by a national or intermational body (e.g,, the Registrar Accreditation Board in the U.S. ) as operating a certification system (c.g. in accordance with BS 7512, General Criteria for Cerification Bodies Operating Quality Systems Cerification-Criteria for Technical and Management Competence)...

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