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Accredited Registrar. A qualified organization accredited by a national or intermational body (e.g,, the Registrar Accreditation Board in the U.S. [RAB]) as operating a certification system (c.g. in accordance with BS 7512, General Criteria for Cerification Bodies Operating Quality Systems Cerification-Criteria for Technical and Management Competence) that provides third-party assessment, certification, and registration of suppliers’ quality systems to applicable standards (i.e, the ANSIASQC Q9000 Series, Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards). The registrar’s scope of acreditation is described by the accrediting body for particular industry seclors (eg. Standard Industrial Classification [SIC]). The registrar is thereby authorized to issuse accredited certificates of registration to suppliers in the recognized industy. Autofrettage. A pressure application procedure, used in manufacturing composite cylinders with metal liners, which strains the liner past its yield point sufficiently to cause permanent plastic deformation which results in the liner having compressive stresses and the fibers having tensile stresses at zero internal pressure.
Hoop Wrapped. Renforcement by a composite material applied in a substantially circumferential patten over the cylindrical portion of the liner So that the filament does not transmit any significant stresses in a direction parallel to the container longitudinal axis. Leakage. Release of contents through a defect or crack (see “Rupure”). For puposes of this standard, leakage is anything in excess of 0.25cchour per liter of water capacity. Liner. Inner gas tight container or gas container to which the overwrap is applied. Maximum Service Temperature. The maximum temperature to which the container will be subjected in normal service. Full Wrapped. The reinforcement by a composite material applied over the entire liner including the domes. Fold. The place where two metal flows meet in such a manner as to create a sharp, visual groove. The groove of the fold will always be along the length of the container and usually in the dome area. Pre-stressing. The process which puts the liner in compression. This can be done either by autofettage or by winding a composite material under significant controlled tension. Pressure Relief Device. A pressure and/or temperature activated device used to vent the container contents, and thereby prevent rupture of an NGV fuel container when subjected to a standard fire test.ANSI CSA NGV2a pdf download.

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ANSI T1.401.04:2000 pdf free

ANSI T1.401.04:2000 pdf free.Network to Customer Installation Interfaces一 Analog Voicegrade Switched Access Lines with the Call Waiting, Distinctive Call Waiting, or Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting Feature. 3.1.5 Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting (CIDCW): A supplemental feature provided with the Calling Number Delivery (CND), Calling Name Delivery (CNAM), or both the CND and CNAM features that provides a...
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ANSI EIA-364-90-2000 pdf free download

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ANSI B151.5:2000 pdf free

ANSI B151.5:2000 pdf free.Manufacture, Care and Use. 3.6 Emergency Stop Device A trip rod, cord, button, or other device that, when actuated, stops all hazardous movement associated with the specific machine. 3.7 Employer Any person who contracts, hires, or is responsible for the personnel associated with the operation and maintenance of the Machine. 3.8 Guard A barrier, cover, enclosure, or...


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