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ANSI B151.5:2000 pdf free.Manufacture, Care and Use.
3.6 Emergency Stop Device
A trip rod, cord, button, or other device that, when actuated, stops all hazardous movement associated with the specific machine.
3.7 Employer
Any person who contracts, hires, or is responsible for the personnel associated with the operation and maintenance of the Machine.
3.8 Guard
A barrier, cover, enclosure, or other device placed
over areas where hazards exist.
3.8.1 Fixed Guard
A guard requiring the use of tools for removal from the Machinery.
3.8.2 Movable Guard
A guard that may be moved or removed without the use of tools.
3.9 Instructions
Documentation for the installation, operation, care, maintenance, and safe use of the Machine.
3.10 Interlock
An arrangement whereby the operation of one control or mechanism brings about or prevents the operation of another.
3.11 Lay-on-Roll
A driven or nondriven roll that rides on or in close
proximity to the outside of the winding roll.
3.12 Local Control
A control device located in full view of the component being controlled.
3.13 Maintenance Personnel
Individuals who, by virtue of their training and skill, are qualified to inspect, maintain, and repair the Machinery.
3.14 Manufacturer
Any person whose business is the manufacture of the Machinery covered in this standard for installation in the United States of America.
3.15 Modification
For the purpose of this standard, any change to the Machinery that affects personnel safety is considered a modification.
3.16 Modifier
Any person who performs a modification to a Machine.
3.17 Nip, Counter Rotating
The point between two counter-rotating rolls.
3.18 Nip, Fixed member
The point between a fixed member and a driven roll where the distance between the two is 4 inches or less.
3.19 Nip, Web Generated
The contact point between a web surface and a rotating roll.
3.20 Operator
An individual who uses the Machinery to perform
production work.
3.21 Pinch Point
Any point at which it is possible for a part of the body to be caught between a moving part and a fixed part or between two moving parts, except nips.
3.22 Presence-Sensing Device
A device that is capable of detecting an intrusion
into a specified area.
3.23 Reach Point
The farthest point an operator is expected to be able to touch when outside of the machine or on a walkway.
Areas that may be reached only by deliberately crawling into the machine or otherwise contorting the body are not considered within the reach point of the operator.
3.24 Remanufacture
A substantial restoration of a specific machine.ANSI B151.5 pdf download.

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