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3.1 Control Method: These test methods do not predict the performance Life of the finishes in actual use but are used as a quality control method to ensure consistent finish quality. Actual product components shall be used except where otherwise specified.
3.1.1 Significant Surfaces: Surfaces on which a controlled deposit ordinarily cannot be obtained such as holes, edges, recesses, bases of angles, and similar areas are exempt from the requirements for significant surfaces.
3.1.2 Components without surfaces which are compatible with the prescribed test methods, shall use a finished flat test panel using substrate of the same base material of the actual product or component. The flat panels shall have a minimum exposed area of 2.50 x 3.75 in (64 x 95 mm) and shall be 0.064 ± 0.004 in (1.6 ± 0.1 mm) thick. Other materials are peimitted to be specified by the affected ANSI Al 56 product standards.
3.2 Salt Spray Test. This test shall be conducted in accordance with ASTM B 117-95 Standard Method of Salt Spray (Fog) Testing. Parts shall withstand exposure for the time specified in the applicable ANSI/BHMA A156 Series Standard without base material or substrate corrosion exceeding one spot visible to the unaided eye per one square inch (25.4 square mm) of significant surface and without any spot larger than 1/16 in (1.6 mm) in diameter. Staining shall not exceed 5% of the significant surface area of the component under test and without any spot larger than 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) in diameter.
3.3 Humidity Test. This test shall be conducted in a chamber having a 95% ± 5% reLative humidity at 100 degrees F ± 5 degrees (38 degrees C ± 3 degrees) for the times specified in the applicable ANSI/BHMA A 156 Series Standard. The parts shall be allowed to stabilize at room temperature for 30 minutes before they are examined. Blistering or staining of the part shall not be visible to the unaided eye. The coating shall, within an additional 15 minutes, pass a pencil hardness test (see 3.4) as specified in the applicable ANSIII3HMA Al 56 Series Standard and shall pass the method B Cross-Cut Tape Test as defined in ASTM D 3359-95A Method for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test. The rating shall be as specified in the applicable ANSLBHMA A 156 Series Standard.ANSI BHMA A156.18 pdf download.

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