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Ultraviolet Resistance of Extemnal Coatings. Procctive coatings rquirvd to mcc soction 18.4 (Environmcntal Tcst) shall be cvalualcd for resistance to ulraviolat ellxcts using a minimum 1000 hours cxposurc in acordance with ASTM G53, Standard Practice for Operating LighI- (ud Wuler-Exposure Apparalus (Fluorescent UV-Condensation Type) for Exposure 0[ Nonmetallic Muterials. There shall bec n0) cvidencc of blistering, CTacking, dhalking or soltcning. Fibers. Stuructural rcinfiorcing filanent matcrial typcs shall be glass fiber, aramid fber or carbon fiber. If carbon fibcr rinforcmcnt is uscd, uhe dcsign shall incorporalc mcans to prevcnt galvanic corrosion of mcallic componcnts of thc fucl containct. Resins. Thc malcrial for imprcgnation may be thcrmoscting or thermoplastic resin. Examples of suitablc matrix matcrials are cpoxy, mdificd cpoxy, polycsta and vinylcstcr thcrmoscting plastics, and polyethylenc and polyamide thcrmoplastic matcrial. Rcsin system materials shall be tcsicd on a samplc tcst pancl, represcntalive of the conpxsitc oVerwTap, in accordancc with ASTM D2344, Standard Test Method for Appurent Interluninctr Slheur Stnength of Purullel Filxer Composites by Shorl-Bean Methou. Following a 24 hour walcr boil, 山colipAsitc shaUI hiave a nininum shcar surcngth of 13.8 MP:a (2(X) psi). Nonmetallic Liners (Type NGV2-4). 1hc nonmctallic lincr macnial shall bc compatible with the scrvicc conditions spccificd in Sccion 4. Thc solicning tcmpcralurc shall bc at lcast 90°C (194°F), and the meluing tcmpcraturc at least 100C (212°F), whcn cstcd in accordancc with the mcuhod dcscribcd in ISO 306, Determinalion of Vical Softening Temperature, or using an altcmauivc mchod. The tcnsilc yicld strcngth and uluimalc clongation sh:all be dclcmincud in accordancc wiuh ASTM D)638, Stundard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Plcstics.Acceplablc malcnials incude siocl alloys, stainless stccl aloys, nickcl alloys, and aluminum alloys. Stccl and stainlcss siccl alloys must mcct thc raquircmcnls o[ soction 6.2.3. Aluminun alloys must mccl thc raquircments of sctions 6.2.5 {Sustaincd Load Cracking (SLC) Test for Aluminum] and 6.2.6 (Corosion Tests for Aluminum). Austcnitic stainless stccls shall bc tcstcd for rcsistancc to chlonidc surcss corrosion crackiag.ANSI CSA NGV2 pdf download.

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ANSI CSA NGV2a-2001 pdf free ANSI pdf free download

ANSI CSA NGV2a-2001 pdf free

ANSI CSA NGV2a-2001 pdf free.BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS VEHICLE (NGV) FUEL CONTAINERS. Accredited Registrar. A qualified organization accredited by a national or intermational body (e.g,, the Registrar Accreditation Board in the U.S. ) as operating a certification system (c.g. in accordance with BS 7512, General Criteria for Cerification Bodies Operating Quality Systems Cerification-Criteria for Technical and Management Competence)...

ANSI T1.401.04:2000 pdf free

ANSI T1.401.04:2000 pdf free.Network to Customer Installation Interfaces一 Analog Voicegrade Switched Access Lines with the Call Waiting, Distinctive Call Waiting, or Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting Feature. 3.1.5 Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting (CIDCW): A supplemental feature provided with the Calling Number Delivery (CND), Calling Name Delivery (CNAM), or both the CND and CNAM features that provides a...
ANSI EIA-364-90-2000 pdf free download ANSI pdf free download

ANSI EIA-364-90-2000 pdf free download

ANSI EIA-364-90-2000 pdf free download.Crosstalk Ratio Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors, Sockets, Cable Assemblies or Interconnect Systems. 21L2 Probes Probes, when us&I, shall have siiitable rise time performance and circuit loading characteristics (eg. resistance and capacitance). 11.2 Method B, frequency domain A network analyzer is piferrcd. When greater dynamic range s desired, a signal generator arid spectrum analyzer may aIteritivelv...


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