AS NZS IEC 60332.1.1:2017 pdf free download Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions Part 1.1: Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable- Apparatus

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AS NZS IEC 60332.1.1:2017 pdf free download. Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions Part 1.1: Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable- Apparatus.
5.4 Flame application
Safety warning
Precautions shall be taken to safeguard personnel against the following when conducting tests:
a) the risk of fire or explosion;
b) the inhalation of smoke and/or noxious products, particularly when halogenated materials are burned;
c) harmful residues.
5.4.1 Positioning of flame
A burner, as described in IEC 60332-1-1, shall be ignited and the flow rates of gas and air adjusted to the specified values. The burner shall be positioned so that the tip of the blue cone impinges on the surface of the test piece at a distance of (475 ± 5) mm from the lower edge of the upper horizontal support, whilst the burner is at an angle of (45 ± 2°) to the vertical axis of the test piece (see Figure 2). The burner position shall be fixed throughout the flame application time.
For flat-form cables, the flame impingement shall be on the middle of the flat side of the cable.
In case of an electrical insulated conductor or cable, should the test piece move significantly during the test so as to render the result invalid, the test piece shall be held straight by the attachment of a load of approximately 5 N/mm2 of conductor area to the lower part of the sample so that the distance between the point where the load is attached and the lower edge of the top support measures (550 ± 5) mm. In such cases, the test piece shall not be secured to the lower support.
5.4.2 Test duration
The flame shall be applied continuously for the period of time corresponding to the diameter shown in Table 1.
At the end of the specified flame application time, the burner shall be removed and the flame of the burner extinguished.
6 Evaluation of test results
During the test duration, it shall be recorded:
a) if the filter paper has ignited or not;
b) if the filter paper has ignited, the time from ignition of the filter paper to cessation of the burning.AS NZS IEC 60332.1.1 pdf download.

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