SAE AS 7481C:2015 pdf free

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SAE AS 7481C:2015 pdf free.Studs, Steel, UNS S66286 Aged After Roll Threaded Procurement Specification For.
2.2 Definitions:
BURR: A rough edge or ridge left on the metal due to a cutting, grinding, piercing, or blanking operation.
COLD ROLLING: Forming material below the recrystallation temperature.
CRACK: Rupture in the material which may extend in any direction and which may be intercrystalline or transcrystalline in character.
DEFECT: Any nonconformance of the unit of product with specified requirements.
DEFECTIVE: A unit of product which contains one or more defects.
DISCONTINUITY: An interruption in the normal physical structure or configuration of a part; such as a lap, seam, inclusion, crack, machining tear, or stringer.
INCLUSION: Nonmetallic particles originating from the material making process. They may exist as discrete particles or strings of particles extending longitudinally.
LAP: Surface imperfection caused by folding over metal fins or sharp corners and then rolling or forging them into the surface. The allowable lap depth shall not exceed the limit specified herein. The minimum condition that shall be rated as a lap is a fold having its length equal to or greater than three times its width with a depth of 0.0005 inch when viewed at 200X magnification.
MACHINING TEAR: A pattern of short, jagged individual cracks, generally at right angles to the direction of machining, frequently the result of improperly set cutting tools, or dull cutting tools.
PRODUCTION INSPECTION LOT: Shall be all finished parts of the same part number, made from a single heat of alloy, heat treated at the same time to the same specified condition, produced as one continuous run, and submitted for vendor’s inspection at the same time.
SEAM: Longitudinal surface imperfection in the form of an unwelded, open fold in the material.
STRINGER: A solid nonmetallic impurity in the metal bar, often the result of inclusions that have been extended during the rolling process.
TIGHT BURR: A burr closely compacted and binding in the periphery of a part without any loose ends and is within the dimensional limits of the parts.SAE AS 7481C pdf download.

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