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ASTM A182/A182M-18 pdf free.Standard Specification for Forged or Rolled Alloy and Stainless Steel Pipe Flanges, Forged Fittings, and Valves and Parts for High-Temperature Service SUPERSEDED (click for Active standard).
ASTM A182/A182M covers forged low alloy and stainless steel piping components for use in pressure systems. Included are flanges, fittings, valves, and similar parts to specified dimensions or to dimensional standards, such as the ASME specifications that are referenced in Section 2.
4. Ordering Information
4.1 Ii is the purchaser’s responsibility to specify in the purchase order information necessary to purchase the needed material. In addition to the ordering information guidelines in Specification A96l!A96l M, orders should include the following information:
4.1.1 Additional requirements (see 7.2. I, Table 2 footnotes.
9.3. and 19.2), and
4.1.2 Requirement. if any. that manufacturer shall submit drawings tr approval showing the shape of the rough forging before machining and the exact location of test specimen material (see 9.3.1).
5. General Requirements
5.1 Product furnished to this specification shall conftrm to the requirements of Specification A961/961M, including any supplementary requirements that are indicated in the purchase order. Failure to comply with the general requiremenLs of Specification A961/A961M constitutes nonconformance with this specification. In case of conflict between the requirements of this specification and Specification A961/A961M,this specification shall prevail.
6. Manufacture
6.1 The low-alloy ferritic steels shall be made by the open-hearth, electric-furnace, or basic-oxygen process with the option of separate degassing and refining processes in each case.
6.2 The stainless steels shall be melted by one of the following processes: (a) electric-furnace (with the option of separate degassing and refining processes); (b)vacuum- furnace; or (c) one of the former followed by vacuum or electroslag-consumable remelting Grade F XM-27Cb may be produced by electron-beam melting.
6.3 A sufficient discard shall be made to secure freedom from injurious piping and undue segregation.
6.4 The material shall be forged as close as practicable to the specified shape and size.
6.4.I Flanges of any type, elbows, return bends, tees, and header tees shall not be machined directly from bar stock.
6.4.2 Cylindrically-shaped parts may be machined from forged or rolled solution-annealed austenitic stainless steel bar without additional hot working.ASTM A182/A182M-18 pdf free download.

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