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ASTM A370-06 pdf free.Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products.
These test methods cover procedures and definitions for the mechanical testing of wrought and cast steels, stainless steels, and related alloys. The various mechanical tests herein described are used to determine properties required in the product specifications. Variations in testing methods are to be avoided, and standard methods of testing are to be followed to obtain reproducible and comparable results. In those cases in which the testing requirements for certain products are unique or at variance with these general procedures, the product specification testing requirements shall control.
5. Description
5.1 The tension test related to the mechanical testing of steel products subjects a machined or full-section specimen of the material under examination to a measured load suflicient to cause rupture. The resulting properties sought are defined in Terminology E 6.
5.2 In general. the testing equipment and methods are given in Test Methods E 8. However, there are certain exceptions to Test Methods F 8 practices in the testing of steel. and these are covered in these test methods.
6. Terminology
6. I For definitions of terms pertaining to tension testing, including tensile strength. yield point, yield strength. elongation, and reduction of area, reference should be made to Terminology E 6.
7. Testing Apparatus and Operations
7.1 Loading Systems—There are two general types of loading systems, mechanical (screw power) and hydraulic. These differ chiefly in the variability of the rate of load application. The older screw power machines are limited to a small number of fixed free running crosshead speeds. Some modem screw power machines. and all hydraulic machines permit stepless variation throughout the range of speeds.
7.2 The tension testing machine shall be maintained in good operating condition, used only in the proper loading range, and calibrated periodically in accordance with the latest revision of Practices E 4.
8. Test Specimen Parameters
8.1 Selection—Test coupons shall be selected in accordance with the applicable product specifications.
8.1.1 Wrought Steels—Wrought steel products are usually tested in the longitudinal direction, hut in some cases, where size permits and the service justifies it. testing is in the transverse, radial, or tangential directions (see Fig.1 and Fig.2).
8.1.2 Forged Steels—For open die forgings, the metal for tension testing is usually provided by allowing extensions or prolongations on one or both ends of the forgings, either on all or a representative number as provided by the applicable product specifications. Test specimens are normally taken at mid-radius. ASTM A370-06 pdf free download.

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