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ASTM A574-08 pdf free.Standard Specification for Alloy Steel Socket-Head Cap Screws.
ASTM A574 covers the requirements for quenched and tempered alloy steel hexagon socket-head cap screws, 0.060 through 4 in. in diameter where high strength is required.
4. Ordering Information
4.1 Orders for socket head cap screws under this specification shall include the following information:
4.1.1 ASTM designation and year of issue.
4.1.2 Name of the screw (SHCS).
4. 1 .3 Quantity (number of pieces by size).
4.1.4 Dimensions, including nominal thread designation, thread pitch, and nominal screw length.
4.2 Orders for socket head cap screws shall include the following optional requirements if specified by the purchaser:
4.2. I Inspection at point of manufacture.
4.2.2 Coaling. if a protective finish other than those, which are described in 5.5 is required, it must be specified (see 5.6).
4.2.3 Certified test reports, as required (see Section 15).
4.2.4 Additional testing (see 12.1).
4.2.5 Special packaging (see 18.1.2).
5. Materials and Manufacture
5.1 The screws shall be fabricated from alloy steel made to a fine grain practice. In the event of controversy over grain size, referee tests on finished screws conducted in accordance with Test Methods E 112 shall prevail.
5.2 Screws in sizes through 0.750 in. diameter, and with lengths through ten times the nominal product size or 6.0 inches. whichever is shorter, shall be cold headed, except that when specified by the purchaser the screws shall be hot headed. Larger sizes and longer lengths shall be cold or hot headed at the option of the manufacturer, unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Screws larger than 1.500 in. nominal diameter shall be permitted to be machined. Sockets shall be forged or machined at the option of the manufacturer.
5.3 Screws in sizes through 0.625 in. diameter, and for product lengths through 4 in. shall he roll threaded, unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Larger products shall be rolled, cut, or ground at the option of the manufacturer.
5.4 Screws shall be heat treated by quenching in oil from above the transformation temperature and then tempered by reheating to at least 700°F to achieve the mechanical properties specified in Section 7 and Table 1.
6. Chemical Composition
6.1 The screws shall he alloy steel conforming to (he chemical composition specified in Table 2 and the requirements in Specification F 2282. See Supplementary Requirement SI when additional alloy steel grades are required.
6.2 One or more of the following alloying elements: chromium. nickel, molybdenum, or vanadium shall he present in sufficient quantity to ensure that the specified strength properties are met after oil quenching and tempering. As a guide for selecting material, an alloy steel should be capable of meeting the specified mechanical requirements if the “as oil quenched” core hardness one diameter from the point is equal to or exceeds 25 HRC + (55 X carbon content).
6.3 When product analyses arc made by the purchaser from finished screws representing each lot, the chemical compost- lion, thus determined, shall conform to the requirements prescribed for product analysis in Table 2.
6.4 Steel to which bismuth, selenium, tellurium, or lead has been intentionally added shall not be permitted.
6.5 Chemical analyses shall he performed in accordance with Test Methods, Practices, and Terminology A 751.ASTM A574-08 pdf free download.

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