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ASTM A615/A615M-16 pdf free.Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Carbon-Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement.
ASTM A615/A615M covers deformed and plain carbon-steel bars in cut lengths and coils for concrete reinforcement. Steel bars containing alloy additions, such as with the Association for Iron and Steel Technology and the Society of Automotive Engineers series of alloy steels, are permitted if the resulting product meets all the other requirements of this specification. The standard sizes and dimensions of deformed bars and their number designations are given in Table 1.
3. Terminology
3.1 Definitions of Terms Specific to This Specification:
3. 1. I deformations, n-transverse protrusions on a deformed bar
3. 1. 2 deformed bar, n-steel bar with protrusions; a bar that is intended for use as reinforcement in reinforced concrete construction
3. 1. 2. I Discussion-The surface of the bar is provided with protrusions that inhibit longitudinal movement of the bar relative to the concrete surrounding the bar in such construction. The protrusions conform to the provisions of this speci fication.
3.1.3 Plain bar, n-steel bar without protrusions.
3.1.4 rib, n-longitudinal protrusion on a deformed bar.
4. Ordering Information
4.1 Orders for carbon-steel bars for concrete reinforcement under this specification shall contain the following information
4.1.1 Quantity (weight )[mass].
4.1.2 Deformed or plain
4.1.3 Bar designation number (size)of deformed bars, or nominal diameter (size )of plain bars
4.1.4 Cut lengths or coils
4.1.5 Grade. and
4.1.6 ASTM designation and year of issue
4.2 The purchaser shall have the option to specify additional requirements,including but not limited to, the following:
4.2.1 Require bars in each bundle to be supplied from a single heat (19. 1),
4.2.2 Requirements for inspection (17.1),
4.2.3 Special package marking requirements(20.2)
4. 2.4 Other special requirements, if any, and
4.2.5 Optional requirements of Annex Al
6. Chemical Composition
6.1 The chemical analysis of each heat of steel shall be determined in accordance with Test Methods. Practices, and Terminology A75 1. The manufacturer shall make the analysis on test samples taken preferably during the pouring of the heat. The percentages of carbon. manganese. phosphorus, and sulfur shall be determined. The phosphorus content thus determined shall not exceed 0.06 %.
6.2 A product check. for phosphorus, made by the purchaser shall not exceed that specified in 6.1 by more than 25 %.
7. Requirements for Deformations
7.1 Deformations shall be spaced along the bar at substantially uniform distances. The deformations on opposite sides of the bar shall be similar in size, shape, and pattern.
7.2 The deformations shall be placed with respect to the axis of the bar so that the included angle is not less than 45Q Where the line of deformations forms an included angle with the axis of the bar from 45 to 70° inclusive, the defbrmations shall alternately reverse in direction on each side, or those on one side shall he reversed in direction from those on the opposite side. Where the line of deformations is over 70°. a reversal in direction shall not he required.ASTM A615/A615M-16 pdf free download.

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