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ASTM A726-18 pdf free.Standard Specification For Cold-Rolled Magnetic Lamination Quality Steel, Semiprocessed Types.
ASTM A726 covers cold-rolled carbon sheet steel used for magnetic applications. These products, commonly called “cold-rolled magnetic lamination steel” (CRML) are usually intended for applications in which the stamped laminations or assembled core structures for electrical equipment are annealed to develop the desired core loss and permeability characteristics.
1.2 This steel is produced to maximum specific core-loss values and is intended primarily for commercial power frequency (50- and 60-Hz) applications in magnetic devices. Specific core-loss and permeability characteristics in conformance with this specification are developed through heat treatment by the user.
1.3 Non-guaranteed core-loss types, usually made to controlled chemical compositions, are available but are not covered by this specification.
1.4 Higher quality core-loss types are low carbon, silicon-iron, or silicon-aluminum-iron alloys containing up to about 2.5 % silicon and less than 1 % aluminum. These steels are usually given a critical reduction on a temper-mill to yield specified magnetic properties after a suitable lamination anneal. These products, typically called semiprocessed magnetic lamination steel, are classified by the ASTM Code Letter D in accordance with Practice A664.
3. Terminology
3.1 Definiiions—See Terminology A340.
3.2 Definitions of Terms specific to This Standard:
3.2.1 cold- rolled sheer—sheet manufactured from hot-rolled descaled coils by cold reducing to the desired thickness. generally lollowed by annealing to recrystalliie (he grail) structure. In the case of magnetic lamination steels, particularly serniprocessed lamination steels, temper rolling is used after annealing to enhance flatness and optimize magnetic properties during the user’s lamination anneal.
3.2.2 magnetic laminaiton,steels—specialty cold-rolled car— bon sheet steel melted to controlled levels of carbon with additions of manganese, phosphorus. silicon, and aluminum. Residual elements are generally held as low as possible. The appropriate chemical composition combined with controlled mill processing results in a carbon sheet steel having mechanical properties and magnetic properties (after a quality development anneal) desired for electrical applications.
5.1.1 ASTM specihcation number and date of issue.
5.1.2 Core-loss type number.
5. I .3 Surface texture (indicate typical prolilometer range. as required) (see 11.2).
5.1.4 Specify not oiled or oiled, as required (see 11.4).
5.1.5 Dimensions (nominal thickness and coil width) and tolerances, if not standard (see 10.1).
5.1.6 Coil size (must include limitations on inside diameter and maximum weight).
5.1.7 Application (the user shall disclose as much pertinent information as possible about the intended application to enable the producer to provide material characieristics most suitable for specific fabricating practices).
5.1. Special requirements or exceptions to the provisions of this specification.
5.1.9 Cast or heat analysis and magnetic test report (request if required).ASTM A726-18 pdf free download.

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