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ASTM A807/A807M-19 pdf free.Standard Practice for Installing Corrugated Steel Structural Plate Pipe for Sewers and Other Applications.
ASTM A807/A807M primarily covers procedures, soils, and soil placement for the proper installation of corrugated steel structural plate pipe, pipe-arches, arches, and underpasses produced to Specification A761/A761M, in either trench or embankment installations. This practice also covers installation of structural plate for alternative uses that do not involve backfilling or soil-structure interaction.
1.2 A typical trench installation and a typical embankment (projection) installation are shown in Figs. 1 and 2, respectively. Structural plate structures as described herein are those structures factory fabricated in plate form and bolted together on site to provide the required shape, size, and length of structure. This practice applies to structures designed in accordance with Practice A796/A796M.
5. Trench Excavation
5.1 To obtain the anticipated structural perIrmance of structural plate structures, it is not necessary to control trench width beyond the minimum necessary k)r proper assembly of the structure and placement of the structural backfill. However, the soil on each side beyond the excavated trench must he able to support anticipated loads. Any sloughed material shall be removed from the trench or compacted to provide the necessary support. When a construction situation calls Ibr a relatively wide trench. it may be made as wide as required. for its full depth if so desired. However, trench excavation must be in compliance with any local, state. and federal codes and safety regulations.
6. Foundation
6. 1 The supporting soil beneath the structure must provide a reasonably uniform resistance to the imposed load, both longitudinally and laterally. Sharp variations in the foundation niust be avoided. When rock is encountered, it must be excavated and replaced with soil. It’ the structure is to be placed on a continuous rock foundation. it will he necessary to provide a bedding of soil between rock and structure. See Fig. 3.
6.2 Lateral changes in foundation should never be such that the structure is firmly supported while the backfill on either side is not. When soit material is encountered in the structure excavation and must he removed to maintain the grade (limit settlement) of the structure, then it Imist be removed, usually for a minimum of three structure widths (see Fig. 4). A smaller width of removal can sometimes be used if established by the engineer.
6.3 Performance ol hurled structures is enhanced by allowing the structure to settle slightly relative to the columns of earth alongside. Therefore, when significant settlement of the overall foundation is expected. it is beneficial to provide a yielding Ibundation under structural plate structures. A yielding loundation is one that allows the structure to settle vertically by a greater amount than the vertical settlement of the columns of earth alongside. It can usually he obtained by placing a layer of compressible soil of suitable thickness beneath the structure that is less densely compacted than the soil alongside. This is particularly important on structures with relatively large-radius invert plates.ASTM A807/A807M-19 pdf free download.

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