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ASTM B117-19 pdf free.Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus.
ASTM B117 covers the apparatus, procedure, and conditions required to create and maintain the salt spray (fog) test environment. Suitable apparatus which may be used is described in Appendix X1.
4. Apparatus
4.1 The apparatus required for salt spray (fog) exposure consists of a fog chamber, a salt solution reservoir, a supply of suitably conditioned compressed air, one or more atomizing nozzles, specimen supports, provision for heating the chamber, and necessary means of control. The size and detailed construction of the apparatus are optional, provided the conditions obtained meet the requirements of this practice.
4.2 Drops of solution which accumulate on the ceiling or cover of the chamber shall not be permitted to fall on the specimens being exposed.
4.3 Drops of solution which fall from the specimens shall not be returned to the solution reservoir for respraying.
4.4 Material of construction shall be such that it will not affect the corrosiveness of the fog.
4.5 All water used for this practice shall conform to Type IV water in Specification Dl 193 (except that for this practice limits for chlorides and sodium may be ignored). This does not apply to running tap water. All other water will be referred to as reagent grade.
N0TIE 1—Waterused wIth aconductivity <l.0uS/cm wrresistivity >1.0 Mc•cm) may cause damage to some equipment due to the reactive nature of the water. In addition, it may cause issues with stabilizing pH measurements.
5. Test Specimens
5.1 The type and number of test specimens to be used, as well as the criteria for the evaluation of the test results, shall be defined in the specifications covering the material or product being exposed or shall he mutually agreed upon between the purchaser and the seller.
6. Preparation of Test Specimens
6.1 Specimens shall be suitably cleaned. The cleaning method shall be optional depending on the nature of the surface and the contaminants. Care shall he taken that specimens are not recontaminated after cleaning by excessive or careless handling.
6.2 Specimens for the evaluation ol paints and other organic coatings shall be prepared in accordance with applicable specification(s) for the material(s) being exposed. or as agreed upon between the purchaser and the supplier. Otherwise, the test specimens shall consist of steel meeting the requirements of Practice D609 and shall be cleaned and prepared for coating in accordance with the applicable procedure of Practice D609.
6.3 Specimens coated with paints or nonmetallic coatings shall not be cleaned or handled excessively prior to test.
6.4 Whenever it is desired to determine the development of corrosion from an abraded area in the paint or organic coating, a scratch or scribed line shall be made through the coating with a sharp instrument so as to expose the underlying metal before testing. The conditions of making the scratch shall be as defined in Test Method D1654, unless otherwise agreed upon between the purchaser and the seller.
6.5 Unless otherwise specified. the cut edges of plated. coated, or duplex materials and areas containing identification marks or in contact with the racks or supports shall be protected with a suitable coating stable under the conditions of’ the practice.
NOTE 2—Should it be desirable to cut lest specimens from parts or from preplated. painted, or otherwise coated steel sheet, the cut edges shall be protected by coating them with paint, wax, tape. or other effective media so that the development of a galvanic effect between such edges and the adjacent plated or otherwise coated metal surfaces, is prevented.ASTM B117-19 pdf free download.

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