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ASTM B633-98 pdf free.Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Zinc on Iron and Steel.
This specification covers requirements for electrodeposited zinc coatings applied to iron or steel articles to protect them from corrosion. It does not cover electrodeposited zinc-coated steel wire or sheets (see Specification A591/A591M for sheets).
5. Ordering Information
5.1 When ordering the electroplating of articles, the pur chaser shall state the designation number. the date of issue, the class or service condition number, and the type(See 4.1, 4.2. and 7.1).
5.2 If necessary, the purchaser shall include on his part drawings or purchase order the following:
5.2.1 Electroplating application to high strength steel, if specified(6.4);
5.2.2 Thickness, if other than specified (4.1,7.1)
5.2.3 Location of significant surface(7.1., 7.1.2)
5.2.4 Luster(7.3);
5.2.5 Corrosion resistance test, if specified(9.3, 10.3
5.2.6 Hydrogen embrittlement test, if required(9.4, 10.4
5.2.7 Sample size for inspection, if other than specified, and
5.2.8 Supplementary requirements, if applicable (Supple- mentary Requirement).
7. Coating Requirements
7.1 Thickness-The thickness shall be specified in accor- dance with 4. 1 and 5.1.
7. 1.1 Significant Surfaces-Significant surfaces are areas in which minimum thicknesses to be met shall be designated on the applicable drawing or by the provision of a suitably marked sample. Significant surfaces may be defined as those normally visible, directly or by reflection, which are essential to the appearance or serviceability of the article when assembled in normal position or which can be the source of corrosion products that deface visible surfaces on the assembled article.
7. 1. 2 Surfaces on which the specified thickness of deposit cannot readily be controlled, such as threads, holes, deep recesses, bases of angles, and similar areas. are normall exempt from minimum thickness requirements, unless they are specially designated as not exempt. When such areas are designated, and thus made subject to minimum thickness requirements, the purchaser and the manufacturer shall recognize the necessity for either thicker deposits on other areas or for special racking.
8. Sampling
8.1 The purchaser and producer are urged to use statistical process control in the coating process. Properly performed statisitical process control will assure coated products of satisfactory quality and will reduce the amount of acceptance inspection. The sampling plan used for the inspection of the quality coated article shall be agreed upon between the purchaser and producer.
8.1. 1 When a collection of coated articles (inspection lot, see 8.2)is examined for compliance with the requirements placed on the articles, a relatively small number of the articles (sample)is selected at random and is inspected. The inspection lot is then classified as complying with the requirements based on the results of the inspection of the sample. The size of the sample and the criteria for compliance are determined by the application of statistics. The procedure is known as sampling inspection. Test Method B 602, Guide B 697, and Test Method B 762 contain sampling plans that are designed for sampling inspection of coatings.

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