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ASTM D1557-12e1 pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Modified Effort (56,000 ft-lbf/ft3 (2,700 kN-m/m3)).
These test methods cover laboratory compaction methods used to determine the relationship between molding water content and dry unit weight of soils (compaction curve) compacted in a 4- or 6-in. (101.6- or 152.4-mm) diameter mold with a 10.00-lbf. (44.48-N) rammer dropped from a height of 18.00 in. (457.2 mm) producing a compactive effort of 56 000 ft-lbf/ft3 (2700 kN-m/m3).
4. Summary of Test Method
4.1 A soil at a selected molding water content is placed in five layers into a mold of given dimensions, with each layer compacted by 25 or 56 blows ola 10.(X)-Ibf (44.48-N) rammer dropped from a distance of 18.00 in. (457.2 mm), subjecting the soil to a total compactive etIbrt of about 56 (XX) ft-lbf/ft3 (27(X) kN-mJm3). The resulting dry unit weight is determined. The procedure is repeated for a sufficient number of molding water contents to establish a relationship between the dry unit weight and the molding water content for the soil. This data, when plotted, represent a curvilinear relationship known as the compaction curve. The values of opLimum water content and modified maximum dry unit weight arc determined from the compaction curve.
7. Standardization/Calibration
7.:1 Perform standardizations before initial use, after repairs or other occurrences that might affect the test results, at intervals not exceeding 1000 test specimens, or annually, whichever occurs first, for the following apparatus:
7.1.1 Balance—Evaluate in accordance with Specification D4753 or Practice E3 19.
7.1.2 Molds—Determine the volume as described in Annex Al.
7. 1 .3 Manual Ranmu’r—Verify the free fall distance, rammer weight, and rammer face are in accordance with 6.2. Verify the guide sleeve requirements in accordance with 6.2.1.
7. 1 .4 Mechanical Ranuner—Verify and adjust if necessary that the mechanical rammer in accordance with Practices D2168. In addition, the clearance between the rammer and the inside surface of the mold shall be verified in accordance with 6.2.2.

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