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ASTM D2487-00 pdf free.Standard Classification of Soils for Engineering Purposes (Unified Soil Classification System).
ASTM D2487 describes a system for classifying mineral and organo-mineral soils for engineering purposes based on laboratory determination of particle-size characteristics, liquid limit, and plasticity index and shall be used when precise classification is required.
5. Significance and Use
5.1 This standard classifies soils from any geographic loca tion into categories representing the results of prescribed laboratory tests to determine the particle-size characteristics the liquid limit, and the plasticity index.
5. 2 The assigning of a group name and symbol(s)along with the descriptive information required in Practice D 2488 can be used to describe a soil to aid in the evaluation of its significant properties for engineering use.
5.3 The various groupings of this classification system have
been devised to correlate in a general way with the engineering ehavior of soils. This standard provides a useful first step in any field or laboratory investigation for geotechnical engineer. Ing purposes
5.4 This standard may also be used as an aid in training personnel in the use of Practice D 2488.
5.5 This standard may be used in combination with Practice D4083 when working with frozen soils.
8. Classification of Peat
8.1 A sample composed primarily of vegetable tissue in various stages of decomposition and has a fibrous to amorphous texture, a dark-brown to black color, and an organic odor should be designated as a highly organic soil and shall be classified as peat, PT, and not subjected to the classification procedures described hereafter.
8.2 If desired, classification of type of peat can he performed in accordance with Classification D 4427.
9. Preparation for Classification
9.1 Before a soil can be classified according to this standard. generally the particle-size distribution of the minus 3-in. (75-mm) rnarial and the plasticity characteristics of the minus No. 40 (425-um) sieve material must be determined. See 9.8 for the specific required tests.
9.2 The preparation of the soil specimen(s) and the teSting for particle-size distribution and liquid limit and plasticity index shall be in accordance with accepted standard procedures.

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