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ASTM D4169-16 pdf free.Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems.
ASTM D4169 provides a uniform basis of evaluating, in a laboratory, the ability of shipping units to withstand the distribution environment. This is accomplished by subjecting them to a test plan consisting of a sequence of anticipated hazard elements encountered in various distribution cycles. This practice is not intended to supplant material specifications or existing preshipment test procedures.
5. Test Specimen
5.1 Test specimens consist of representative samples of complete shipping units, including actual contents. Products with blemishes or minor defects may be used if the defective component is not to be studied by the test and if the defect is documented in the report. Dummy test loads are acceptable if testing the actual product might be hazardous. If a dummy load is used, it should be instrumented to determine if the fragility level of the actual product has been exceeded. Take care to duplicate the load characteristics of the actual product, and avoid unnecessary prehandling.
5.2 Care must be taken to ensure that no degradation has occurred to either the product or the package if the test packages have been shipped to the test site. I any doubt exists as to the condition of the package, repack the product in new packaging Tnatenal before testing.
5.3 The number of test replications depends on the desired objectives of the testing and the availability of duplicate products and shipping containers. Replicate testing is recommended to improve the reliability of the test results.
7. Acceptance Criteria
7.1 Acceptance criteria must be established prior to testing and should consider the required condition of the product at receipt. The organizations conducting the test may choose any acceptance criteria suitable for their purpose. It is advisable to compare the type and quantity of damage that occurred to the test specimens with the damage thai occurs during actual distribution and handling or with teSt results of similar containers whose shipping history is known.
8. Procedure
8.1 Define Shipping Unit—Describe shipping unit in terms of size, weight, and form of construction. See 3.2.7. Determine whether the container will be manually or mechanically handled.
8.2 Establish Assurance Level—Specify a level of test intensity. The level should be one of three preestablished assurance levels. This must be pre-established based on the product value, the desired level of anticipated damage that can be tolerated, the number of units to be shipped. knowledge of the shipping environment, or other criteiia. Assurance Level II is suggested unless conditions dictate otherwise. Assurance Level .1 provides a more severe test than TI. Assurance Level ill provides a less severe test than II. The assurance level may be varied bewecn schedules (see Sections 10 — 15) if such variations are known to occur. The test levels used should bc reported. See Section 18.

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