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ASTM D4793-09(2017) pdf free. Standard Test Method for Sequential Batch Extraction of Waste with Water.
ASTM D4793 is a procedure for the sequential leaching of a waste containing at least five percent solids to generate solutions to be used to determine the constituents leached under the specified testing conditions.
4. Significance and Use
4. 1 This Lest method is intended as a means for obtaining sequential extracts of a waste. The extracts may be used to estimate the release of certain constituents of the waste under the laboratory conditions described in this test method.
4.2 This test method is not intended to provide extracts that are representative of the actual leach ate produced from a waste in the field or to produce extracts to he used as the sole basis ot engineering design.
4.3 This lest method is not intended to simulate site-specific leaching conditions. It has not been demonstrated to simulate actual disposal site leaching conditions.
4.4 An intent of this test method is that the final pH of each of the extracts reflects the interaction of the extractant with the buttering capacity of the waste.
4.5 An intent of this test method is that the water extractions reflect conditions where the waste is the dominant factor in determining the pH of the extracts.
4.6 This test method produces extracts that are amenable to the determination of both major and minor constituents. When minor Constituents are being determined, it is especially important that precautions are taken in sample storage and handling to avoid possible contamination ot the samples.
4. 7 This test method has been tested to determine its applicability to certain inorganic components in the waste. This test method has not been tested for applicability to organic substances, volatile matter (see Note 3 in 5. 15),or biologically active samples.
4.8 The agitation technique, rate, liquid-to-solid ratio, and filtration conditions specified in the procedure may not be suitable for extracting all types of wastes (see Sections 7, 8 and the discussion in Appendix XI)
5. Apparatus
5.1 Straightedge, such as a thin-edged yard stick.
5.2 Impermeable Sheet, of glazed paper, oil cloth, or other flexible material of a composition suitable to the analytes of Interest
5.3 Drying Pans or Dishes-Two per waste (for example, aluminum tins, porcelain dishes, or glass weighing pans) suitable to the waste being tested and the instructions given in 9.2.ASTM D4793 pdf free download.

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