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ASTM D5199-12 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Measuring the Nominal Thickness of Geosynthetics.
ASTM D5199 covers the measurement of the nominal thickness of geosynthetics, except textured and some structured geomembranes where the entire surface of the presser foot cannot come into complete contact with the geosynthetic surface.
This test method does not provide thickness values for geosynthetics under variable normal compressive stresses. This test method determines nominal thickness, not necessarily minimum thickness.
3. Terminology
3. 1 For definitions of other terms relating to geotextiles and geomembranes used in this standard, refer to Terminology D4439. For definition of other textile terms used in this standard. refer to Tenninology D 123.
3.2 Definitions:
3.2. 1 pressure. n—the force or load per unit area.
3.2.2 thickness—( 1) the distance between one planar surface and its opposite parallel and planar surface: (2) in the textiles the distance between the upper and lower surfaces of the material, measured under a specified pressure and time.
3.2.3 structured geonc’mbrune, n—geomem brane consisting of a flat core and protrusions on one or both sides 3.1.3 For definitions of other terms relating to geotextiles and geornembranes used in this standard, refer to Terminology D4439.
4. Summary of Test Method
4.1 The nominal thickness of geosynthetics is determined by observing the distance between Iwo parallel surfaces confining the tested material while under a specified pressure, after 5 seconds.
5. Significance and Use
5.1 Thickness is one of the basic physical properties used to control the quality of many geosynthetics. Thickness values can be required for calculation of some geosynthelics properties such as permeability and tensile stress, among others.
5.2 The thickness of some geosynthetics may vary considerably with the applied normal load. Specific pressures and surfaces on which they are applied are indicated in this method to ensure all results are comparable.
5.3 This test method may be used for acceptance testing of commercial shipments of geosynthetics for which this method is applicable (see 1.1).
7. Sampling
7.1 Lvi Sample—In the absence of other guidelines divide the product into lots and take lot samples as specified in Practice D4354.
7.2 Laborarv Sample—Consider the units in the lot sample as the units in the laboratory sample. For the lalxratory sample. take a full width sample of sufficient length along the selvage or edge of the roll so that the requirements of 7.3 — 7.5 can be met. Exclude the inner and outer wraps of the roll or any material containing folds, crushed areas or other distortions not representative of the sampled lot.
7.3 Remove test specimens from the laboratory sample in a randomly distributed pattern across the width with no specimen taken nearer than 100 mm (4 in.) from the selvage or roll edge, unless otherwise specified. For geomembranes, include at least one specimen taken no more than 152 mm (6 in.) from the edge, in the area which is likely to be welded.ASTM D5199-12 pdf free download.

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