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ASTM D5461-06(R2017) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Rubber Compounding Materials-Wet Sieve Analysis of Powdered Rubber Compounding Materials.
ASTM D5461 covers a procedure for the qualitative evaluation of aggregate size and aggregate size distribution of powdered rubber accelerators and other compounding materials which are insoluble in water.
4. Significance and Use
4.1 This test method is used to evaluate the suitability of powdered rubber chemicals, particularly accelerators, for use in rubber compounds that require vcry small particle clustcrs to achieve a uniform cross-linked network. This test method is intended to be used to ensure that no excessively large particles are present that would result in network bflawse and to determine that the powdered product follows a typical pattern of size distribution.
4.2 In view otthc inherent variability in this type of method, it is recommended tha the results he used only in a semiquantitative sense; that is, compansons within a laboratory or relative comparisons of samples against reference samples, or both.
7. Procedure
7.1 Place the soap solution in a suitable carboy on a shelf or stand over a sink and discharge the solution from the botiorn of the container through 6 mm (0.25 in.) Ribber tubing connected to a bottom outlet. A pinch-clamp serves as a control valve.
9. Report
9.1 Report the following inlormation:
9.1.1 Proper sample identification,
9.1 .2 Identilication of each sieve used.
9.1.3 Mass retained on each sieve in grams,
9.1 .4 Percent of material passing through each sieve, and
9.1.5 Percent of material passing through all sieves.
10. Precision and Bias
10.1 Due to the qualitative nature of this test method, classical precision testing is not appropriate. A pilot round- robin precision test gave unacceptably large between- laboratory variations.
11. Keywords
11.1 particle size; rubber compounding materials;wet sieve analysis.

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