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ASTM E2532-09(2017) pdf free.Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Performance of Highway Traffic Monitoring Devices.
The two test methods contained in this standard define acceptance tests for evaluating the performance of a Traffic Monitoring Device (TMD) according to the functions it performs, the data it provides, the required accuracy of the data, and the conditions under which the device operates. Acceptance tests are recommended whenever a TMD is purchased, installed, or performance validation is desired. The tests are performed in a field environment and result in an accept or a reject decision for the TMD under test.
4. Summary of Acceptance Test Methods
4.1 Two categories of acceptance tests are described. The first, the Type-approval Test, is intended for TMDs that have never been type-approved. The second, the On-site Verification Test, is applicable to production versions of TMDs that have previously passed a Type-approval Test, but are now being installed at a new location or have been repaired. Fig. I illustrates the procedure for determining which of the tests is applicable. The rigorous Type-approval Test verifies the func tionality of all features of the TMD and provides information for evaluating the accuracy of the data item outputs when monitoring vehicle flows consisting of a mix of all anticipated vehicle classes under a specified range of operating conditions. The On-site Verification Test provides the TMD user and seller with a means for determining whether the production version of a TMD installed at a particular site meets the performance and user requirements identified in Specification E2300. Both categories of acceptance tests compare the outputs of the TMD under test with those of equipment that produce acceptable reference values. If all features of the TMD function properly and the output data are within the agreed upon tolerances, then the TMD is reported to have passed the acceptance test. If not the TMD is reported to have failed the test.
5. Deice Classification
5.1 Type, Tolerance, and Operating Conditions—The type. tolerance, and operaiing conditions of the TMD in be tested shall be specified according to Specification E2300.
5.2 Use of Measured Data iii Support of Oilier Applications -Additional vehicle flow parameters may be calculated from the recorded data. Among these parameters are vehicle flow rate, density. headway, intersection delay, vehicle gap in time or distance, queue length, and turning movements. Other highway system performance measures, such as volume- to-capacity ratio, total vehicle hours traveled, total vehicle miles traveled, average travel speed. number and categories of accidents, pollutant emissions, and fuel consumption may also be calculated from data recordcd by appropriate sensors. These test methods do not address the ability of the TMD to calculate or provide data for these additional ehic1e flow parameters or highway system performance measures.Now you can download ASTM E2532 pdf.

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