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ASTM E84-20 pdf free.Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.
This fire-test-response standard for the comparative surface burning behavior of building materials is applicable to exposed surfaces such as walls and ceilings. The test is conducted with the specimen in the ceiling position with the surface to be evaluated exposed face down to the ignition source. The material, product, or assembly shall be capable of being mounted in the test position during the test. Thus, the specimen shall either be self-supporting by its own structural quality, held in place by added supports along the test surface, or secured from the back side.
6. Test Specimens
6.1 Specimens shall be representative of the materials which the test is intended to examine. The report shall include information on the composition needed for identification of the test specimen as described in 11 .1.1.
6.2 The specimen shall be provided in one of two ways: (I) a continuous, unbroken length; (2) sections that will he joined or butted end-to-end.
6.3 The size of the test specimen shall he:
Width: between 20 and 24 in. (508 and 610 mm)
Length: 24 ft + 12 in. —6 in.
Thickness: maximum 4 in. (10) mm).
Note 1—The test apparatus is not designed for testing at thicknesses greater than 4 in. (101 mm), hut has the ability to be modified if required. This is accomplished through (a) modifications to the test apparatus lid to maintain an airtight seal, and (b) the introduction, usually of additional sample/lid supports above the test apparatus ledges. Due to the composilion of some materials, test results obtained at a thickness greater than 4 in. (101 mm) will potentially vary from results of a test on the same material tested at a thickness of 4 in. (101 mm) or less.
6.8 in addition to the above provisions, the standard practices listed below shall be used for specimen preparation, mounting and reporting of the relevant test materials.
E223 1 for pipe and duct insulation materials.
E2404 for paper, polymeric (including vinyl and expanded vinyl) and textile wall and ceiling covering materials, facings or wood veneers intended to he applied on site over a wood substrate.
E2573 for site-fabricated stretch systems.
E2579 for the following wood products: solid board, lumber and timber products (including solid hoards, lumber, timber. tingerjoined lumber, glulam. laminate wood, laminated veneer lumber and parallel strand lumber products), panel products (including fihrehoard, hardhoard, oriented strandhoard. waferboard, and plywood panel products), decorative wood products (including fine woodwork, miliwork and moulding) and shingles and shakes used as interior wall and ceiling finish and interior trim as well as to laminated products factory-produced with a wood substrate.
E2599 for reflective insulation, radiant barrier and vinyl sLretch ceiling materials for building applications.ASTM E84-20 pdf download.

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