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ASTM F434-93(2017) pdf free.Standard Test Method for Blow-Out Testing of Preformed Gaskets.
ASTM F434 covers the determination of the resistance against blow-out of preformed gaskets. The test is conducted under ambient conditions and should be used for comparison purposes only to select suitable designs and constructions for specific applications.
5. Test Spedmen
5.1 The specimen shall be a 102 mm (4-in.) nominal-size gaske 114 mm (4.5 in.) in inside diameter by 165 mm (6.5 in.) in outside dIameter. The thickness of the test gasket will depend upon its expected usage and must be specified in (he report. as results will vary accordingly.
6. Procedure
6.I Assemble the specimen in the test unit.
6.2 The bolt threads should be well lubricated using moly disulfide dry film or grease. Sanding the bottom of the bolt heads and the washers will reduce torque variable and ensure duplication of results.
6.3 Tighten the bolts, using the sequence shown in Fig. 2. increasing the torque loading in 25 increments to the targeted torque, but do not exceed the rating on the bolts.
6.4 Fill the test unit with water. and bleed out all excess air by tilting until no further air bubbles are forthcoming.
6.5 Fill the oil reservoir (thermowell)three-quarters full of ight oil. Allow 15 min for the temperature to stabilize, and insert the temperature sensor.
6.6 Before applying hydrostatic pressure, cover the entire test receptacle with a metal shield, leaving the gage exposed for the recording of data.
7. Report
7. 1 Report the following inlormat ion.
7.1.1 Identification of gasket,
7.1.2 Specimen thickness.
7.1.3 Pressure at which blow-out occurred. if it occurred.
7.1.4 Indication that the test gasket withstood the maximum applied pressure, if this was the case.
7.1.5 Pressure readings versus time. if the entire test procedure was concluded, and
7.1.6 Temperature readings at the time the pressure figures were recorded.
8. PrecIsion and Bias
& 1 Since the results of this test are reported as visual observations, no precision or bias statements are xssihle.
9. Keywords
9.1 gasket blow-out;hydrostatic pressure;preformed gaskets.

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