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IEEE 111-2000 pdf download free.IEEE Standard for Wide-Band (Greater Than 1 Decade) Transformers.
Abstract: Electronics wide-band transformers transmitting power within a wide band of frequencies covering typically at least one decade in the frequency spectrum are covered in this standard
Keywords: Balance test, balun, communication transformer, data transformer, harmonic distortion impedance, insertion loss, matching transformers, return loss, transformer, video transformer wideband.
IEEE 111 is intended to provide a common ground for understanding between systems engineers and transformer design engineers. Little published data on transformers is directly useful to engineers designing systems involving feedback loops. Phase and frequency response data are needed on transformers (and other manufacturers to include such information in their Published data on wide-band frequency transforme components ) used in these systems. It is the hope that this standard will eventually influence transformer This standard is a combination of two original standards: IEEE Std I11-1971 and IEEE Std 264-1977. Both of these standards were first issued as trial-use documents in 1962 and 1965, respectively. These trial use documents were prepared under the chairmanship of A D. Hasley and J. P. Whistler, respectively.
This standard pertains to electronics wide-band transformers transmitting power within a wide band of frequencies covering typically at least one decade in the frequency spectrum. It is not intended to apply to transformers optimized to operate within a narrow band of frequencies. Transformers used in, or in conjunction with, wire line communication facilities serving power stations are excluded due to the special protec tion requirements involved. Provision is made for including data for use in the design of feedback amplifiers and control networks, or other circuits in which the knowledge of the transformer amplitude and phase- frequency response is needed by the system designer. These transformers are required to transform voltage within specified tolerances of amplitude and phase when operating between specified impedances. Guides to application and test procedures are included. The annexes within this standard contain certain precautions and recommended practices.
This standard also pertains to hybrid transformers, primarily used in the telecommunications industry. The hybrid transformer is a wide-band transformer used in a manner which makes it part of a capacitance, resis- tance, and/or inductance network, and it must have characteristics which permit it to match the network for proper overall performance.IEEE 111-2000 pdf download.

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