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IEEE 1115-2000 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Sizing Nickel-Cadmium Batteries for Stationary Applications.
Abstract: The sizing of nickel-cadmium batteries used in full float operation for stationary
applications is covered in this recommended practice
Keywords: nickel-cadmium batteries, stationary applications.
The storage battery is of primary importance in ensuring the satisfactory operation of generating stations. substations, and other stationary applications. This recommended practice is based on commonly accepted methods used to define the load and to ensure adequate battery capacity. The method described is applicable to all installations and battery sizes.
The installations considered herein are designed for operation with a battery charger serving to maintain the battery in a charged condition as well as to supply the normal de load. Alternate energy systems (e.g, wind mills and photovoltaic systems) may provide only partial or intermittent charging, and are beyond the scope of this document. See IEEE Std 1144-1996 B6 for details.
1. Overview
This recommended practice describes methods for defining the de load and for sizing a nickel-cadmium battery to supply that load. Some factors relating to cell selection are provided for consideration.
1.1 Scope
This recommended practice covers the sizing of nickel-cadmium batteries used in full float operation for stationary applications. Installation, maintenance, qualification, testing procedures, and consideration of battery types other than nickel-cadmium batteries are beyond the scope of this recommended practice.
Design of the dc system and sizing of the battery charger(s )are also beyond the scope of this recommended practice.
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this recommended practice is to provide a proven and standardized sizing technique for nickel-cadmium batteries. This sizing method takes normal usage factors into account, and forms the basis for reliable battery operation.IEEE 1115 pdf download.

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