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IEEE 120-1989 pdf free.IEEE Master Test Guide for Electrical Measurements in Power Circuits.
1.1 Purpose
It is the purpose of this guide to give instructions for those measurements of electrical quantities that are commonly needed in determining the performance characteristics of electric machinery and equipment. The choice of the measurement method and instrument systems to be used depends on the purpose of the measurement, the accuracy required. the time and testing equipment available, and the nature of the circuit.
1.2 Scope
The methods given here relate to measurements, as made with either analog or digital indicating or integrating instruments, of power. energy, voltage, and current, in dc or ac rotating machines, transformers, induction apparatus, arc and resistance heating equipment. mercury arc, thermionic, or solid-state rectifiers and inverters. Measurements made with supplementary instruments and devices are also included. IEEE 120 does not deal with measurements of resistance or temperature that are often included in determining the performance characteristics of electric machinery. Instruments for these latter measurements will he found in the specific publications dealing with the particular measurement, such as IEEE Sid 1 18-1978. IEEE Standard Test Code for Resistance Measurements [411, and IEEE Std 119-1974, IEEE Recommended Practice for General Principles of Temperature Measurement as Applied to Electrical Apparatus [5].
1.3 Units
The measurement of any electrical quantity is the comparison of that quantity with another quantity of the same kind that has been chosen as a unit. The fundamental or basic electrical units are based on the International System of Units (SI), which is a modern version of the MKSA (meter, kilogram, second, ampere) system. For further details see ansi/ ieee 268-1982, IEEE Standard for Metric Practice [3]. In magnetic measurements it is the common practice to use the cgs (centimeter-gram-second) system. The instrument readouts are frequently in the cgs units. Hence, in Chapter 6 of this guide both units are used and a conversion table is provided.IEEE 120-1989 pdf free download.

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